Abegail Rait, the Alleged Mother of Late Francis Magalona’s Child, Sparks the Interest of Netizens

Last Updated on October 18, 2023, 7:19 am

‘We Exist’: Abegail Rait claims the daughter of her 15-year-old daughter is Francis Magalona.

Abegail Rait, the Alleged Mother of Late Francis Magalona’s Child, Sparks the Interest of Netizens
Abegail Rait (Image via Facebook)

Abegail Rait, a former flight attendant, sparked the interest of millions with the claim that she had a romantic relationship with the late Filipino King of Rap, and together, they had a daughter fifteen years after the Filipino artist had died due to leukemia.

She made this shocking revelation in an episode of Boss Toyo’s Pinoy Pawnstar, posted on YouTube on October 17, 2023. Abegail Rait went into the Pawnshop to sell Magalona’s jersey and letters that the rap icon allegedly wrote to her. She brought her daughter along with her. She introduced herself as the love interest of Magalona.

She explained their circumstances as a couple when Magalona was struggling with the disease. She presented the jersey, which she claimed she received from Magalona, and a note that said, “Abigail Hon, I love you so much,” the letter had the rapper’s signature.

The businessman of the Pawnshop asked her the reason behind the note, and she made the shocking revelation that she shared a romantic relationship with the late artist. She said,

“There’s a story behind this jersey kasi, actually an untold story. ‘I love you so much,’ meaning to say my relationship,”

She introduced her daughter, Gaile Francesca, and said that she was their daughter and Francis himself named her. Her name was a play on each of their names. She said that Francis gave her the jersey when she was bearing their child so she could think of him whenever she missed him.

Abegail emotionally told her story about why she kept her child secret for the past 15 years. She shared,

“I didn’t say anything about me and my daughter for fifteen years.” She continued, “I know people will judge me, but we exist; what we have is real. Me and my daughter exist. And that’s a fact.”

Abigail and Francis Magalona met on the noontime show Eat Bulaga, where she revealed that the rapper found ways to get her number.

Besides this shocking story, little is learned about Abigail and her daughter. However, she does have a Facebook account where she posted a video of her and her daughter Francesca paying respects at Francis Magalona’s final resting place at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina.

She also posted pictures of her and her daughter’s visit to Pinoy Pawnstars that have garnered the attention of millions in her personal life. Her daughter Gaile Francesca is set to enter show business and follow in the footsteps of her alleged father.

The story has become the center of digital discussion. Many have reached out to the mother and daughter, extended their support to them, and appreciated their courage to come out despite the judgmental behavior of the public. Some have scorned the story and called it a hoax.

There is no further evidence or witnesses to support their story. However, they presented images of late stars, suggesting the late rapper shared a connection with them. We are committed to learning the truth and sharing it with our readers as soon as more information surfaces. In the meantime, we wish Abigail and her daughter, Gaile Francesca, the best of Luck!

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