Alfredo Martin, a Bodybuilder and Villano Fitness, Died Unexpectedly

Last Updated on November 29, 2023, 8:32 am

Alfredo Martin, best known as Villano Fitness and Heroe Fitness on social media, passed away.

Alfredo Martín Dead
Alfredo Martín (Image via Facebook)

Alfredo Martin, a well-known bodybuilder and influencer best known as Villano Fitness and Heroe Fitness on social media, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, November 27, 2023. He was 29 years old. His partner confirmed his death through Instagram.

Who was Alredo Martin?

Alfredo Martin was a bodybuilder and social media influencer. He was very active on social media. He frequently published photographs showing his body, sharing his progress with the world. He has amassed over 122,000 followers on Instagram through his Heroe Fitness profile. He moved to YouTube, where he shared videos explaining in-depth how to gain muscle mass, train correctly, and share the best exercises for high-intensity routines.

He also had another social media handle known as Villano Fitness, where he had over 21,000 followers and spoke about substance use. He was a strong defender of the use of substances such as steroids. He openly talked about their use and warned about their effects.

He had authored a fitness guidebook, De Heroe a Villano (from Hero to Villain). The book has detailed information on the substances used in fitness and bodybuilding, their use, the positive and negative effects, and strategies to reduce health risks.

What happened to Alfredo Martin?

He passed away unexpectedly on Monday, November 27, 2023. The cause of death is unknown. His sudden, unexpected death has sparked a debate among the fitness community, leading some to believe that the use of substances is likely the cause of death.

His partner, Vera Schroeder, an athlete herself, announced his death in an Instagram story, saying,

“What happened is true,” confirming the reports of the bodybuilder’s death. She requested privacy in an emotional video, pleading for “maximum discretion and respect, at least for a few days.” She acknowledged that she did not want to publish those stories, but she has been compelled to do so given the morbidity that arose on social media as the rumors spread far and wide on Tuesday afternoon. “Please don’t ask for more details,” as she was visibly emotional and distraught, “I personally don’t see myself able to explain anything.”

The Community Mourns Alfredo Martin

The fitness community has suffered a massive loss with the untimely death of a talented bodybuilder. The community has expressed its grief on social media, offering condolences to the family. Despite his controversial views on the use of substances to enhance performance and gain muscle mass, many had nothing but praise for him for his authenticity and openness. YouTuber Jodi Wild wrote,

“I had the pleasure of interviewing him a long time ago, and he was a spectacular and sincere guy who was aware that he was taking a risk with his lifestyle. He was realistic about this.”


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