Freediving legend Andrea Zuccari, missing and presumed dead

Last Updated on August 31, 2023, 2:08 am

Andrea Zuccari, the record-breaking free diver, has unluckily passed away. Andrea Zuccari, an Italian-Swiss free diver, is considered dead after missing while diving off Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Andrea Zuccari Died
Andrea Zuccari (Image Via Facebook)

Who Was Andrea Zuccari?

Zuccari, originally from Italy and Switzerland, started freediving when he was 29. He has developed his talents in teaching fellow freedivers vital equalization and breathing procedures, introducing cutting-edge and efficient training tools to improve their abilities.

Andrea has a distinguished background and holds 15 national records in freediving across Switzerland and Italy in CWT, CNF, FIM, VWT, and NLT disciplines.

He also reached depths of 125 meters with Anna von Boetticher and an impressive 155 meters with Stavros Kastrinakis. Andrea further distinguishes himself by being the world’s deepest freediver with an ordinary mask after diving to an astounding 175 meters in the NLT category.

Zuccari’s relationship with the natural world has dramatically impacted his personality. His curiosity, tranquility, modesty, courage, and close connection to nature contribute to his allure and mystique. Rest in Peace, Andrea Zuccari.

His death was announced on August 29, 2023, through Pescasub & Apnea Rivista di Pesca Subacquea.

“The information we don’t want to share. Yesterday in Sharm, Andrea Zuccari perished after diving for a bottle. One of the foremost authorities on apnea, Zuccari was a partner and instructor at the Freediving World Apnea Center in the Red Sea. The PescaSub & Apnea editorial board holds onto their loved ones throughout this awful time. Yesterday, while scuba diving with tanks in Sharm, Andrea Zuccari passed suddenly. Nothing more is known at this time.”

He died, leaving his family and loved ones in shock and disbelief. Thoughts and condolences to his family and community in this difficult time.

Andrea Zuccari, missing and presumed dead

Zuccari worked as an instructor and partner at one of the top freediving authorities, the Freediving World Apnea Center in the Red Sea. According to Apnea Passion Italia, Zuccari had been performing maintenance on a dive platform’s connection cables this week when he disappeared.

Zuccari had descended with tanks and an “aqua scooter” to a depth of 45 and 50 meters (148 to 164 feet), but he never returned to the surface. Parts of Zuccari’s diving equipment were discovered the next day, but his body hasn’t been located yet.

The Apneapassion Magazine Italia posted a missing report of Zuccari on their official Facebook page:

It is already clear that Champion Andrea Zuccari disappeared in the water off Sharm el Sheik yesterday evening. Still, we had to wait for more details before announcing this horrible development that has shaken the apnea community.

The athlete apparently dove with tanks and an “aquascooter” to a depth of between 45 and 50 meters to tend to the connections connecting the platform with the dead body at the bottom. He never dove back, though.

High-level athletes from today’s intervention teams joined panelists from Dahab, but sadly, the athlete’s body has not yet been located.”

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