Andreas Probst Fooatage: A Retired California Police Chief, Hit and Killed by Teen Driver

Last Updated on September 18, 2023, 6:09 am

Nevada: Andreas Probst, a retired California police chief, hit and killed by teen driver. Viral video of teen driver deliberately hit-and-run retired police chief sparks outrage.

Andreas Probst Fooatage
Andreas Probst (Image via Facebook)

Andreas Probst, a retired California police chief, was deliberately hit-and-run by a teen driver on August 14, 2023, in Los Vegas, Nevada. Probst died immediately after the accident. A 17-year-old driver was charged with murder after fatally hitting 64-year-old Probst with his 2016 Hyundai Elantra on North Tenaya Way, near West Centennial Parkway, Los Vegas, Nevada.

Andreas Probst served law enforcement in California for 35 years, including as chief of Bell, an unincorporated city in Los Angeles County. He retired in 2009 and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he worked with a security consulting firm. He started cycling to his job to maintain his health and fitness.

He was cycling to his job on the morning of August 14, around 6 am, when an unidentified teen driver hit him with his car from behind at a high speed and fled the scene.

Since then, a viral video has surfaced, causing uproar and outrage in the community. The unidentified driver and passenger laughed and deliberately hit Probst in the video. The driver asked the passenger, “Ready?”  And the passenger says, “Yeah, hit his ass.” He honked his horn and rammed into the retired officer’s back. Probst fell off his bike quickly and fell on the ground. The passenger filmed Probst lying on the ground and said, “Damn, that n**a got knocked out.” The driver realized they had committed a crime and said, “Sh**t, let’s get out of here,” Probst was rushed to University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The unidentified driver was arrested later that day, found associated with multiple auto thefts and taken to the juvenile Detention Center. He was charged with murder, while the passenger who encouraged him to hit Probst is still at large even after a month of the incident.

In an interview with a news channel, Andreas Probst’s daughter, Taylor Probst, said she received an alert from her father’s Apple Watch, indicating that her father had met with a tragedy. “He was honestly like a ray of sunshine,” she told the New York Post, “that just bled through your life.”

Viral video of teen hit-and-run of Probst sparks outrage

Someone posted the video of the incident on the internet, and it went viral over the weekend. The Internet community is shocked and outraged. Many have voiced their opinions and showed their sorrow and outrage over the severity of the crime. Some had criticized the authorities for not releasing the identities of perpetrators due to their juvenile status.

Nancy Ella Freitas posted a picture of Andreas Probst and wrote on social media that she posted the picture of the victim out of respect for him and his family. She expressed her anger and said

“Two teens DELIBERATELY ran him over, filmed it, and posted it. HE DIED!” She continues,

“What makes me even angry is that I am SURE this man would have helped these teens without a second thought if they needed help!

To say I am SICK over this is an understatement!! I have not stopped thinking about this man since I saw the video circulating online. I am heartbroken for his family. He did not deserve this!”

Jim Banks, a candidate running to represent the State of Indiana in the United States Senate, wrote in a post on social media,

“Andreas Probst was a 35-year law enforcement veteran.

He was killed on a morning bike ride by teenagers who laughed and filmed as they intentionally ran him over.

God bless his family, and may his evil killers face full justice.”


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