Anne Cusack Derk, a renowned Photojournalist, Died Of Ilness

Last Updated on October 5, 2023, 5:20 pm

A talented Photojournalist Cusack Derk in California passed away unexpectedly. Her family, friends, community, and those who followed Anne Cusack Derk‘s work since the beginning are mourning when they get the news of her death on 2 October 2023.

Cusack Derk Died
Cusack Derk (Image via Facebook)

Being a Photojournalist, she is also a good parent & guardian whose guidelines are always valuable on a challenging time.

Who was Anne Cusack Derk ?

Anne Cusack was a photographer and journalist for the LA Times. She was a talented photographer since an early age, she began photography when her father gave her a black box camera on her birthday. Slowly and gradually, Anne improved her skills.

She discovered her passion after taking various shots of her family and friends. According to Anne, her father worked at Bell & Howell, and as a photographer she inspired by her father’s photography.

Anne Cusack Cause of Death:

The Anne Cusack Derk passed away on 2 October 2023 on Monday. According to their family, she had a minor illness on Monday. She was 71 years old at the time of her demise, she was ill maybe because of her age and didn’t survive. Anne has reunite with her father in the hall of heaven.

Anne’s daughter was deeply attached to her mother. She left behind leaving her daughter and also to the community in loss and grief, she treated everyone kindly and motivated them to pursue their passion.

In this challenging situation, her family are going through with difficult time. Anne’s funeral details have not been announced yet. They need some time to cover up the terrible situation. Prayers for Anne and her family. May GOD give them patience and power.

Post of Anne’s Daughter

Many people sent tributes on Anne’s social media profile to share their feelings and emotions. One of the tribute have shared by her daughter, Gwendolyn.

‘The most playful-hearted woman you ever met. An artist, a creative, a true rebel spirit. You bet she danced her way out of this world. A mother not just to our family but indeed to all those who entered her world. Her smile and warm energy made you feel welcome, included, and loved. In a world where we are all just looking for belonging, she made sure you were included and had a place for you; with her, you belonged.

Her life’s work was also her art. She was always a voice for the voiceless. She helped tell the story of so many people. A pioneer for women in the male-dominated field of photography, Anne trailblazed that path for many women and beautifully captured the essence of people and what it meant to be human.

Her legacy lives on, not just in her art but also in the lives of all those she’s touched. Even in death, she taught us to be grateful, brave, good to each other, and when all else fails, to dance. I love you, Mom. ‘


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