Big Ounce, the Urban Rescue Ranch & Prairie Dog Died Unexpectedly

Last Updated on November 19, 2023, 2:34 pm

Biggerton Ouncerton III, also known as Big Ounce, was a black-tailed prairie dog, and one of The Urban Rescue Ranch, recently passed away unexpectedly.

Big Ounce Dead
Big Ounce (Image via Facebook)

The news of Ounce’s death was shared today, on October 19, 2023, through social media. Gabe Alan Perry, a member of the Ranch, announced Ounce’s passing in a heartfelt Facebook post:


Ounce’s sudden demise has saddened his YouTube fans and followers, and people are expressing their condolences and prayers for the Ranch.

About Big Ounce

Biggerton Ouncerton was a kind and intellectual prairie dog with a strong connection to his faith. He was known for his generosity and grounded nature, although he had occasional moments of greed.

In early 2022, Uncle Farmer Dad Ben rescued Big Ounce, showcasing his formal debut in the video “Kevin vs. 30 Prairie Dogs: Who Would Win? (Special 700k).” Despite earlier mentions of being rescued from a pet store, Ounce’s background remained unknown to the audience.

His ex-wife, Plappa, was rehomed due to Ounce stealing food and attempting a do-it-yourself lobotomy out of resentment and greed. Big Ounce had various interactions with Uncle Ben’s critters, fearlessly facing even giant ratites. Throughout the 2022 season, Ounce’s closest companions were Gort and Quandale Dingle.

The Ouncetopian War Arc began when Ounce unintentionally found himself in a battle against his ex-wife turned arch-enemy, Mrs. Ounce, during the opening of the Urban Rescue Ranch’s 2023 season. After an intense anime-style fight, Ounce left his kingdom and sought refuge in Uncle Ben’s home, where he was cared for by his father, Master Oogway, and Bingus. Eventually, he successfully escaped the treacherous Gulag.


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