Bishop Pearson Allegedly Died After Losing Battle with Cancer

Last Updated on November 2, 2023, 5:17 am

Bishop Pearson Pearson, a former megachurch pastor who moved to ‘comfort care’ days ago, has allegedly died,

Bishop Carlton Pearson Dead
Bishop Carlton Pearson (Image via Facebook)

Bishop Pearson Pearson, a revered Bishop and spiritual guide from Tulsa, Oklahoma, known for his spiritual sermons, soulful gospel music, and progressive and controversial theology, has allegedly died after losing a battle with cancer. His family has yet to release a statement to support or reject claims of his death. No family member or close friend has provided substantial information as of the time of this publication.

What happened to Bishop Carlton Pearson?

Bishop Pearson Pearson had been battling with cancer. According to his family, he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and was declared cancer-free shortly afterward. Recently, the cancer came back, and as the family described it, has been a ‘significant challenge.’ The cancer metastasized throughout his body. Bishop Pearson was moved to ‘comfort care.’ His family appealed to his followers to pray for him and also requested everyone to respect their privacy during this difficult time.

He recently posted a video on his Facebook account from his hospice, of an interview to speak with his community of 15 years. Since then, no further information has been posted on the account. The family has not shared any news regarding the claims of his death.

Who was Bishop Pearson Pearson?

Bishop Pearson D’metrius Pearson was born on March 19, 1953. He was the pastor of Higher Dimensions Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during which time he had been the center of controversy due to challenging traditional spiritual beliefs. He lost his church 20 years ago for declaring there is no Hell. He turned 70 this march and remained a respected figure in the Christian community all this time, especially among more progressive thinkers. He is an affiliate minister at All Souls Unitarian Church.

Bishop Pearson’s life has been documented in the Netflix film “Come Sunday.” He was raised in the conservative Church of God in Christ, a prominent black Pentecostal denomination. He founded the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center in Tulsa in 1981, which once had more than 5000 members. He lost this church after challenging the biblical definition of Hell. He was branded a ‘Heretic’ for this belief by the Joint College of African-America Pentecostal Bishops Congress in 2004.

He remained a respected figure in the Christian community despite that and had his loyal followers who supported him and remained part of his spiritual journey for over 15 years. He was their mentor and spiritual guide. All have showered him with prayers and support during this challenging time.


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