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Hawaiian musician Walter Aipolani, a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, passed away suddenly on August 17, 2023, after months of battling illness.

Bruddah Waltah Died
Bruddah Waltah (Source: Facebook)

Although the precise cause of Bruddah Waltahs’ passing has not been made public, Bruddah Waltah is also called The Father of Hawaiian Reggae.

His passing has left followers in mourning, leading them to seek comfort in the music he passionately produced.

Many fans, relatives and friends posted tributes on social media for the loss of Bruddah Watah, including one of his beloved cousins JimSequeira, who posted Waltah’s picture and video clip with a caption:

“Deeply saddened today to learn that my cousin Bruddah Waltah has passed through the thin veil between earth and heaven and now sits with our ancestors. We are cousins on mom side. Gonna miss his smile, Aloha and his kolohe ways. I love you Cuz’. Aloha Oe, until we meet again on da other side!”

Condolences and prayers for his fans, family and relatives. Waltah’s funeral and burial services are not released publically.

Who was Bruddah Waltah Aipolani?

Waltah was born in Keaukaha, nearby Hilo, and his family later relocated to Oahu in his childhood. He has also known as the Father of Hawaiian Reggae.

He attended Wianae High School and Life Sciences at the College of Life. He lived in Hilo, Hawaii. Waltah married Thailiana Denise Leionaona.

He was a former singer at Kaleo’s Bar & Grill Pahao. Waltah also worked with Luvin Life and at Native Village Rescue, and he was a former Observer at Rithem Entertainment Group.

Bruddah Waltah Net Worth 

Bruddah was quite private about his personal life; he spent a great career as a musician. He earned his wealth on behalf of his abilities and skills.

However, his actual net worth is unknown. Buddha will always remain in the hearts of his loved ones, and his legacy will remember in the music Industry.

Prayers for him; may he get peace hereafter. Rest in Peace, Bruddha Waltah.

Bruddah Waltah Career

He started playing shows in Waikiki in the 1980s, and he soon gained popularity and earned the title of “Bruddah Waltah”.

As he and the bands he worked with, including Island Afternoon, made Hawaiian-style reggae music famous in the 1980s and 1990s.

He is often referred to as the “Father of Hawaiian Reggae” since he and the bands he was a part of, like Island Afternoon, contributed to the popularity of Hawaiian-style reggae music in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sweet Lady of Waihole,” is one of Walter Aipolani’s most well-known plays. The tune “Keep Hawaiian Lands” was also influenced by Bob Marley‘s “Waiting in Vain” song.

Waltah altered several of the lyrics in his versions of reggae classics like No Woman No Cry to match Hawaiian politics and culture:

Aku Palu, which translates to “Bloody Fish Guts,” was the stage name Aipolani used with his brothers when performing his first performance in 1980.

Tragically, their manager passed away just before they were due to release their first CD.

The band split up and briefly joined their uncle’s Hawaiian music ensemble, Na Mele Kani.

Brothers began a series of free concerts in Honolulu in 1983 under Tumbleland Jams and continued studying Rasta culture and music.

Waltah’s breakthrough album Hawaiian Reggae, which featured his backing band Island Afternoon, became a huge hit in Hawaii early in the 1990s when the Hawaiian reggae, or Jawaiian craze, got hold.

Since they disliked the word “Jawaiian,” Aipolani and several other Hawaiian reggae musicians opted to refer to their music as Hawaiian.

There was controversy because some musicians and journalists believed the term “Jawaiian” was offensive to Hawaiian and Jamaican customs.

Additionally, Aipolani has played with Ryan Hiraoka, Keaka Kawaauhau, HHB, Dirty Roots, Mana’o Company, Sons of Yeshua, and Ho’aikane.

He was influenced by The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Marley, and Elton John. Waltah has participated in numerous tours as the opener for top 40 performers like Steel Pulse, Gregory Isaacs, Inner Circle, and UB40.

Musicians in his family include his sister, one of his siblings, and Ruban Nielson of the band Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Bruddah Waltah frequently performs throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the American mainland.

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