Carolyn Krebs Missing Update: What Happened to Carolyn Krebs?

Last Updated on December 20, 2023, 8:05 am

Canada: Where is Toronto’s worst apartment building’s landlady?

Carolyn Krebs Missing
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Carolyn Krebs, the woman behind Toronto’s worst apartment building, has made the headlines for her alleged disappearance. Carolyn Krebs, also known as Carolyn Goodman and Marion Linton, owns an apartment building in Toronto.

Who is Carolyn Krebs?

Carolyn Krebs is a Toronto apartment building owner. According to the reports, she is one of the most hated landlords in the city. She owns a 14-story Dawes Road Building and is facing significant backlash for her negligence of the poor property standards, including 84 complaints.
The complaints range from holes in the walls to crumbling balconies and rodent infestations. The apartment building, known as 500 Dawes, is reportedly infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, and rats. Additional challenges its tenants face include leaky ceilings, widows getting drafty, and when appliances break, repairs being slow, if at all.

Carolyn Krebs owns the building and has a history of negligence and outrageous misconduct towards its tenants. She is referred to as the ‘Evil Toronto Landlord’. She is known for denying housing to tenants with disabilities, unfairly evicting tenants, and even disposing of their belongings without giving them appropriate time to retrieve them.

She is infamous for forcing employees to lie in front of judges on her behalf. According to Toronto Life, many of her tenants are disabled and earn a maximum of $1,300 a month, leaving them dependent on living in the harsh conditions provided by Krebs.

Is Carolyn Krebs Missing?

No, Carolyn Krebs is not missing. She is using aliases to evade her tenants. Her pseudonyms include Carolyn Goodman and Marian Linton. Toronto’s landlady, notorious for her greed and cruelty, uses multiple names and identities to avoid the consequences of her actions.

Her aliases make it challenging for her tenants to hold her accountable for her mistreatment and negligence, as these low-income tenants do not know her real name or where to find her. Her building is infamous for being one of the worst apartment buildings and complained-about properties in the city, with 595 complaints filed in the last six years.

Its residents are forced to live in harsh conditions, and Krebs has been getting away with it for so long as most of her tenants are vulnerable. She has mastered the art of deception by adopting aliases.

The grim situation of urban life nightmare is brought to light by journalist Rachel Brown.


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