Devin Williams, Ex Boyfriend of TikTok star, Kelsey Pumel, Shot to Death

Last Updated on October 25, 2023, 1:52 pm

Police reports and social media posts indicate that an Indianapolis police officer shot and killed the former boyfriend of Kelsey Pumel, a TikTok star, early on Monday, October 23, 2023.

Devin Williams Dead
Devin Williams (Image via Facebook)

Around six in the morning, authorities discovered 36-year-old Devin Williams suffering from gunshot wounds inside a house in southeast Indianapolis on the 5900 block of Riva Ridge Drive.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stated that officers reached the scene in response to a report that a person had been shot to death. At first, investigators believed the shooting to have been self-inflicted. Williams died at the scene.

Amari Ice also confirmed his death news through a Facebook post and stated:

“I can’t believe I’m writing this. Since we were nine years old, we have been friends and neighbours. I’ve known you for longer than some of my siblings, from childhood sleepovers to teaching me about basketball despite my lack of interest at the time. We were so dissimilar, but we never fought in our lives.

Remember how crazy we were as kids with science kits? I blame you for how much of a scientist I am now. You were an only child, yet you were ALWAYS generous to me, and that is something I will never forget. And while it aches to know you’re gone, it kills even more that your little Kobe will no longer have her father in the flesh. Rest well, Devin Williams. Love you forever, bro.”

Williams was a former boyfriend of Kelsey Pumel, a well-liked user on the social networking site TikTok. Her humorous videos and engaging material have made her famous. Her vibrant online presence, nevertheless, conceals the terrible events she has just experienced, such as the untimely passing of her ex-partner, Devin Williams.

Williams’s death’s circumstances are still unknown, which has fueled rumors and left her fans eagerly awaiting further details.  After conducting an additional investigation, detectives apprehended one person after concluding that the shooting was not self-inflicted. The detained individual’s involvement in the case has not been disclosed by the police, nor have any arrests been made public.

Williams once had a relationship with Kelsey Pumel, who has about 2.5 million followers on her TikTok channel, Growingwithkelsey. Kelsey also shared an emotional Tiktok video and wrote in a caption, “Please keep Kobe in your thoughts & prayers tonight as she works through grieving this incredible loss.”


Please keep Kobe in your thoughts & prayers tonight as she works through grieving this incredible loss 💔

♬ original sound – Perfectlykelsey

However, everyone cherished Williams; his friends and loved ones adored him, and his sudden demise mourns the community in disbelief and shock. Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends and close companions.

He will be dearly missed. Williams’s funeral and memorial services are still unknown. Prayers for him. Rest in Peace, Devin Williams.


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