Famous Meme Dog Cheems Balltze Died of Cancer

Last Updated on August 23, 2023, 6:25 am

This Friday, the popular dog of memes Balltze, better known as “Cheems,” passed away on August 18, 2023; while having his final thoracentesis, Cheems slept off and never awake.

Cheems Balltze Died
Cheems Balltze (Source: Facebook)

Balltze was diagnosed with cancer in July of last year and was taking treatment for its cure.

The owners confirmed the death news on Balltze’s official Facebook page that Ball Ball slept off and wrote in a post posting its pictures:

“Ball Ball fell asleep on 18/8. He fell asleep on Friday morning during his last thoracentesis surgery. Originally, we wanted to arrange chemotherapy or other possible treatment for him after this operation, but it is too late now. Don’t be sad; please remember the joy Balltze brought the world.

A Shiba Inu with a round smiling face connecting you and me, he has helped many people during the pandemic and brought many joy to many of you, but now his mission has been completed.

He is running freely in the sky and having a lot of delicious food with his new friends. He will always be inside my heart.

I hope he can continue to bring joy to everyone online; that’s my only humble request.

Also, I would like to thank the medical staff who had helped Balltze for the past 6 months Ken Walk 健步動物整合復健水療中心, Dr.Jessica and Dr.Tiffany 動物醫療學會醫院 AMAH they have done an amazing job for taking care of Balltze all of you have been very generous and helpful.

I’m truly grateful to all of you, your love and support for Ball Ball is so unconditional, and I found that is the purest love in the world; having Ball Ball in my life is the best thing ever happened.

The donation and brass pins money I have collected for the medical bills will now be donated to local animal charities Thank you everyone, thank you, Balltze knows how much he was loved by all of you”.

Balltze’s Fans are sending condolences and prayers on social media for its owners.

Who was Balltze?

According to resources, Balltze was a female dog and was given a loving Hong Kong family’s adoption when she was barely a year old.

Its real name is Balltze; its family used its charisma and individuality to build its own Instagram over time and with the help of social media.

Shiba Inu dog Cheems was a native of Hong Kong, China. The tenderloin rose to fame due to several memes in which the letter n is substituted with m to form statements, such as “it gives me amity.”

On social media, the tenderloin has a strong online presence. It has 620,000 followers on Instagram alone, with its owners sharing pictures of their daily activities with the dog, the amusing photographs of Balltze that at first revealed a love for hamburgers helped them to gain fans.

Balltze didn’t become significantly more well-known until 2017, but after posting a picture in which she appeared to be having a little fun, she gained fame for her cute smile.

Its owner changed its name from Balltze to Cheems, a puppy symbolizing the truth of many individuals in various situations.

Shiba Inu dog Cheems was a native of Hong Kong, China. The tenderloin rose to fame due to several memes in which the letter n is substituted with m to form statements, such as “it gives me amsity.”

On social media, the tenderloin has a strong online presence; it has 620,000 followers on Instagram, where its owners share pictures of the activities they engage in daily with the dog.

Death Cause

According to media like Facebook: Three minor neoplasms were discovered in the dog’s body during a checkup in July of last year, according to the dog’s owners.

In addition to having breathing problems, the pet’s cancer was discovered on the most recent visit to the vet.

Despite the depressing prognosis, they did everything they could to care for him and seek the most gentle and aggressive form of treatment, but despite this, he died during the procedure.

Balltze became a star for its presence on memes and social media and will always be remembered by its fans and owners. Prayers for Balltze’s owner, Rest in Peace, Balltze.

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