Renowned Chiropractor Dr. Tyler Bigenho, Twitter Viral Video Controversy

Last Updated on December 1, 2023, 9:03 am

Dr. Tyler Bigenho, also known as “Doc Tyler,” is at the center of a controversy due to a video that went viral on Twitter, causing a lot of uproar.

Dr. Tyler Bigenho Viral Video
Dr. Tyler Bigenho (Image via Facebook)

The video has shocked the internet community, leading to widespread criticism and calls for accountability across various media platforms. In light of the video, serious questions have been raised about Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s professional conduct and ethics.

Many people are now questioning the chiropractor’s methods after viewing the video, despite his previously enhanced reputation through online presence. Dr. Tyler Bigenho responded to the accusations on Twitter as the scandal grew.

The video contains unsettling content, raising concerns about the chiropractor’s professional boundaries. While not delving into specifics, it is suggested that the video shows Dr. Tyler Bigenho behaving in a manner inconsistent with the expected moral principles in his field.

Numerous online groups have taken notice of the incident, sparking discussions on platforms like Facebook. Users have expressed dissatisfaction and concerns regarding a video clip uploaded on Facebook, further intensifying the controversy.

However, Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s responses seem to have only fueled the fire. In a Twitter statement, he acknowledged the circulating video, claiming it has been taken out of context and that he is addressing the matter with legal counsel.

Twitter users have created hashtags such as #DocTylerScandal and #ChiropractorGate, spreading the issue internationally. Social media users are sharing their dismay and astonishment, turning the dispute into a central topic of conversation regarding the ethical standards for chiropractors.

In the wake of the viral video, authorities overseeing the chiropractic profession have initiated an investigation into Dr. Bigenho’s professional conduct. Moreover, with the increasing volume of grievances on social media, there is a risk that his well-established online reputation as a spine health and alignment specialist teacher could suffer significant damage.


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