Eboni Tufftits Parker ‘3xotic’, a Renowned Detroit Music Artist Died Unexpectedly

Last Updated on December 5, 2023, 2:44 pm

One of the talented artists of the Detroit music industry, Eboni Tufftits Parker, passed away today.

Eboni Tufftits Parker Dead
Eboni Tufftits Parker (Image via Facebook)

Eboni Tufftits Parker, also known as 3xotic, a rising star in the Detroit music scene, died unexpectedly on December 5, 2023. Eboni Tufftits Parker was a model, creative director, and artist.

Eboni Tufftits Parker’s Death Cause

Eboni died, leaving her family, loved ones, and the Detroit music industry in a state of intense sadness and disbelief. Although the reason for Eboni Parker’s death has not yet been disclosed, neither the family of Eboni Parker has not released any official statement of the exact cause of her passing.

Marc D’Andre confirmed her death news through a Facebook post. He wrote, “A talented person left the Detroit music scene today—farewell to my lovely buddy Eboni Tufftits Parker, also known as 3xotic.

A few years back, she invited me to cover her album release party for the media and brought a whole bedroom to the club. This girl would travel with this type of setup to whatever event she headlined, with the stage presence of a fully developed industry artist. I will miss seeing you slay the stage, baby.”

Was Eboni Tufftits Parker Battling with Mental Illness?

According to reports, she may have been depressed over the previous several weeks. Resources claim that she could have battled mental illness before her death. Her struggle with depression is confirmed by one of her Facebook posts, which states;

“I love everyone, and I want the best for each of us. I want pure peace in my life. It took me a long time to get to this point emotionally. And I pray that everyone understands how I feel one day. I’ve always believed in people so much that I would even put them before me.”

Star Lynn also posted on her Facebook statement about Eboni’s mental health issues and wrote, You know some Folk get upset about those folk who vent on Social Media and say “find a therapist,” but Eboni Tufftits Parker is an example of why we should be kind and have an open heart she vented a day before on her ig story only for us to wake 24 hrs. later to her being gone. Mental health and having a space when you are really in a dark area are important.

Social media have been poured with prayers and sympathies on the demise of a beloved artist. Her loved ones cherished her, and her legacy will always endure. Thoughts and Condolences go out to her family, friends, and entire community in this devastating time.

However, Eboni’s funeral details have not been released yet. Prayers for her; May she get peace hereafter. Rest in Peace.

About Eboni Tufftits Parker

Eboni Tufftits Parker founded the 3xotic_life music record company and website. She was a Detroit, Michigan-born artist, model, and creative director. The Queen of Fantasy was her nickname.

3xotic Records was the name of the music recording firm that Eboni controlled. Eboni had the stage persona of a well-established professional performer and put great work into setting up for every event she headlined.

Her well-known tunes include 3xotic’s Box, Naked, Would You Mind, Bump And Grind, and Pony. She had a great fan following on social media platforms. She had 10.8K followers on Instagram, while 1.8K people liked her Facebook page.

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