Is Frank Thomas Still Alive? Fox News Scandal And Controversy

Last Updated on December 30, 2023, 7:18 am

Fox News found themselves in a bit of a pickle recently. They had to say sorry on live TV because they mistakenly said that baseball star Frank Thomas had passed away in 2023, but the report was totally untrue.

Frank Thomas Dead?
Frank Thomas (Image via Facebook)

During a part of their show called The Faulkner Focus, they put up a video remembering famous people who had died. But guess what? They included Frank Thomas, the baseball legend, and said he was gone. Imagine the surprise on everyone’s faces, especially Frank Thomas himself! He’s very much alive and kicking.

Frank wasn’t having any of it. He went on social media and basically told everyone, “Hey, I’m not dead! What’s Fox News thinking?” He used strong words, calling them irresponsible for spreading this kind of news on national TV. Frank’s alive and well, and he made sure everyone knew it.

Now, let’s talk about the real Big Hurt. That’s Frank Thomas’s nickname. He played baseball like a champ from 1990 to 2008, mostly with the Chicago White Sox. This guy holds a record that no one else does – seven seasons in a row with an amazing batting average, lots of runs, RBIs, walks, and home runs. That’s some serious skill!

But here’s the twist. Fox News got all tangled up and mixed our Frank Thomas with another guy who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Julie Banderas, the Fox News anchor, had to go back on air and say, “Oops, we’re bad. We got the wrong Frank Thomas.” Awkward!

Frank’s not just any player; he’s a White Sox legend. They even put up a statue of him in their field! His college, Auburn University, just honored him with a statue too. The guy’s a two-sport hero – playing both baseball and football.

In the end, Fox News had to do some serious backpedaling. They admitted their mistake and said sorry for the mix-up. It turns out another Frank Thomas, a former Pirates player, had passed away. But the real Big Hurt is alive and well, making a comeback from a false alarm. Phew! That was a close one.


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