George Ballot, Vyfster Tv Drama Actor Found Dead; What Was His Death Cause?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023, 5:16 am

George Ballot, a renowned television personality in the South African entertainment industry, passed away unexpectedly on October 2, 2023, at 77; he was discovered dead in his Riebeek-Kasteel house.

George Ballot Died
George Ballot (Image via Facebook)

Ballot’s death news was released on social media on September 4, 2023. Although the exact reason of his death was unknown, resources claimed he may have died of a heart attack.

Ballot played the character of Skollie in the TV drama series “Vyfster”, which was his breakthrough role, and the drama earned him widespread attention. George had lived in the quiet village of Riebeeck-Kasteel for over twenty decades.

Saartjie Klipkop confirmed Ballot’s death news through a Facebook post, which stated:

“RIP, George Ballot (Skollie), one of South Africa’s most illustrious “prisoners” and a television icon. Ballot gained more notoriety for his part in the prison drama “Vyfster” in Afrikaans, which portrayed the lives of inmates and wardens at Pretoria Central Prison. The actor rose to fame thanks to his two-season stint as Skollie Williams, which aired from 1984 and 1986.”

Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends, and community in this trying time; his funeral and burial customs have not yet been released on social media.

George Ballot’s Cause Of Death

According to resources, an artist and George’s neighbour, Louise Gerryts, who lived near him over the years, was concerned that day when George didn’t reply to her messages. George rarely kept quiet, so it seemed unusual to Louise.

Louise decided to check on George; she contacted the South African Police Service (SAPS). The SAPS officers showed up at George’s house right away. He was in his bed when they entered his home, George was found dead at his home.

He left by leaving behind the community in loss. Fans and friends are mourning in loss and grief in his passing, and his legacy will continue to inspire and motivate upcoming generations of actors.

About George Ballot

Ballot influenced South African television by skillfully and sincerely playing difficult characters in his life. One of the most recognizable songs in South Africa’s television history was the theme song to the show “Vyfster”, which also increased the show’s popularity.

Trevor Nasser wrote the theme tune. Ballot’s song gained popularity because of the viewers’ resonant response to its mournful melody and catchy lyrics, which enhanced the series’ overall impact.

Beyond his renowned television, Ballot also performed in TRUK theatre plays in 1965 and starred in many movies, including “Arsenal (2002),” “Tant Ralie’s Boarding House(1974),” and “Orkney Snork Nie 2 (1993)“.

He made his debut in many Television dramas and series, some of them include Vyfster (1982), Die Greon Faktor (1984), Dirk Hoffman (1985), Vyyfster 2 (1986), Die Manakwalanners (1993), The Visual Bible (1994), Sttyx (2001), Arsenal (2002) and many more.

Ballot managed an art gallery in Cape Town later in life before retiring. His efforts in “Vyfster” and other performances profoundly affected audiences and coworkers alike. Prayer for him. Rest in Peace, George Ballot.

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