Hailey Stephens, a 17-Year-Old Died in a Shooting at Home Party in Casa Grande

Last Updated on November 27, 2023, 8:49 am

According to the police, there was a shooting at a home party in Casa Grande early on Sunday morning. Two teenage girls, both seventeen years old, were shot near Pinal Avenue and Kortsen Road around 1:30 a.m.

Hailey Stephens Death
Hailey Stephens (Image via Facebook)

One of them was shot in the arm and is expected to survive, while the other was shot in the head and sadly passed away at 5 p.m. on November 26. The deceased girl was identified as Hailey Stephens.

The incident occurred during a home party, and it took a tragic turn when Hailey Stephens, a high school cheerleader, was shot in the head and died. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots during the night, and police were called to the scene.

Reports suggest that a disagreement at the party led to the gunfire that resulted in one death and one serious injury. The altercation began around 1:30 a.m. at a house near Pinal Avenue and O’Neil Drive. Jessica Arias Diaz released her death news through a Facebook post with a statement:

Our Niece passed away this Evening. Hailey Stephens was a superstar!! I always tried to make her a CrossFit with her gymnastics background and cheer skills!! My heart goes out to my sister’s family!! Please continue to pray for the brokenhearted! I got to hold her beautiful hand one last time. If you want to drop off gifts and create a memorial we will do it at their home, Address 1495 E. LaMer Circle CG!”

When the police arrived, they found two injured teenagers. Hailey Stephens was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Still, she did not survive, while the other girl, who was shot in the arm, is expected to recover fully in a Phoenix-area hospital.

The police stated that the party was held in an empty residence, and the altercation among guests led to the gunfire. However, the two girls who were shot were reportedly innocent bystanders and had nothing to do with the dispute.

The Casa Grande Police Department‘s Criminal Investigations Division is actively investigating the shooting, but no suspects have been named yet. Detectives are questioning witnesses and neighbours to gather more information.

The police emphasize that the girls were not involved in the altercation; they were “innocent victims of stray gunfire.” Currently, no suspects are in custody.

The school district expressed condolences to the families affected by this tragic event and mentioned that support teams for students and staff will be available on campus. The district respects the families’ privacy and will provide updates as they become available.

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