Hassan Campbell Shot: Popular You Tuber Shot While Live Streaming Outside Bronx River, NY

Last Updated on November 20, 2023, 2:58 am

New York: YouTuber Hassan Campbell allegedly shot during a Live Stream session.

Hassan Campbell Shot
Hassan Campbell (Image via Facebook)

Hassan Campbell Shot: Popular YouTuber Hassan ‘Poppy’ Campbell was allegedly shot while talking about Cassie Ventura’s physical assault lawsuit against Diddy on a LiveSteam session on his YouTube channel @HASSANCAMPBELL on Sunday, November 19, 2023, in Bronx, New York.

What happened to Hassan Campbell?

Hassan Campbell, who is Afrika Bambaataa’s alleged sexual assault victim, was sharing his views about Cassie Ventura’s physical assault lawsuit against Diddy. The case ended up in a settlement, which caused distress to Campbell due to his own past experiences. He decided to share his criticism on the matter on a LiveStream session on his YouTube channel outside the Bronx River, New York. He also mentioned his exact location in the video. He said in the LiveStream,

“This ain’t gonna go viral. They gonna keep this s**t real small, cause don’t nobody give a f*%# about the kids in the hood getting f*#$ed. I don’t want to be in the industry. I don’t like the industry. I totally disrespect the industry… it is what it is. Ain’t nobody going to make me go nowhere. What is you all telling me? My life and my pain wasn’t worth nothing? Everything I went through as a child, everything I went through wasn’t worth nothing? That’s what y’all telling me?”

He protested the outcome of the case, which triggered the trauma he had to endure as a child. Hassan made allegations of sexual misconduct against Bambaata in 2016, saying to a local news magazine, “He is a pervert…he likes little boys.” He alleged that Bambaata abused him “numerous times” when he was 12 and 13 years old. In the wake of the recent settlement of the sexual assault case, he expressed his objections publicly and began shouting,

 “My story wasn’t worth s*$#? I ain’t asking for no money! I asked for street justice and couldn’t even get that! I swear to God, you better not say nothin’ to me! Everybody! I’m talking to all y’all.”

He was attacked at the same spot. Around 25- minutes later, he streamed from inside a vehicle and said to the man filming him, “I need to get to the hospital quick. I need to go to the hospital, I’m shot, son.” The man holding the camera asked him to pull over so he could get him an ambulance.

Is Hassan Campbell dead or alive?

In an update provided on the YouTube page, which is now deleted, it shared with the public that Hassan will be making a full recovery. The update read as, “Hassan is going into surgery and will be okay, so far no fatal wounds but yes he was in fact shot.”

Some unconfirmed reports also suggest that he is dead. But neither his family nor management has issued any statement affirming or refuting the rumors of his tragic demise circulating on the Internet. We must wait patiently for the official statement from the managing team or the immediate family members. Until then, nothing is certain.

We hope that he survives this brutal attack and makes a full recovery. Our well-wishes are with him and his family during this challenging time.

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