TikTok Star, Inquisitor Ghost TikTok Committed Suicide in Live Video: What happened to Him?

Last Updated on October 12, 2023, 9:11 am

Inquisitor Ghost, a famous ‘Call of Duty’ cosplayer and TikToker well known for his Ghost cosplay, allegedly took his life on TikTok Live. He was accused of sending inappropriate messages to a minor, his former editor, who goes by the initial AJ and the pseudonym ‘TEQUILA’ on Discord, a messaging App.

Inquisitor Ghost Dead
Inquisitor Ghost (Image via Facebook)

The tragic event has sent shockwaves across the online community. Uproar rises as the community demands justice and questions the viability of allegations.

Who is ‘Inquisitor Ghost?’

Inquisitor Ghost is an Italian Ghost cosplayer on TikTok with the account @inqisitore3. He has over 100,000 followers on the platform. He posts candid videos of lip dubs and TikTok trends in a Ghost cosplay featuring a red lightsaber.

What happened to Inquisitor Ghost?

He allegedly committed suicide on October 9, 2023, in a Live TikTok video, which has now been deleted from the app due to its nature. In the video, the Inquisitor allegedly hung himself, following people breaking down his glass door or window to enter and save him. They attempted to revive him with the application of CPR.

It remains a mystery whether the Inquisitor Ghost is dead or alive. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he did not survive. A TikToker claiming to be his father posted a video mourning his son, meaning he is no more. The TikTok community appears to believe this man.

What are the allegations made against Inquisitor?

In September 2023, several screenshots were shared with moderators of a Discord community, including Inquisitor Ghost and other Call of Duty cosplayers. The content of the screenshots was a conversation between Inquisitor and a minor AJ, his former video editor. In the messages, Inquisitor made inappropriate like ‘Love you’ and says he wanted to ‘marry’ AJ.

In another statement, he mentioned that he was not interested in AJ because of her age and distanced himself from her. The online community split into two camps: one believes Inquisitor’s behavior was inappropriate and he acted as a ‘predator,’ and the other believes Inquisitor to be innocent. After receiving backlash, the Inquisitor deactivated his Instagram account and stopped posting content on TikTok.

Are the allegations against Inquisitor Ghost true?

There have been many unconfirmed conflicting reports on the matter. Inquisitor Ghost’s messages were clear, though he claimed he did not mean those messages to be predatory. Many believe AJ is to be blamed as she reportedly lied about her age and, along with her boyfriend, baited Inquisitor into sending predatory messages.

The allegation deniers believe that AJ lied to the Inquisitor and made him think she was 18 when she was 17. Furthermore, her conversation with her boyfriend Tito shows that he is encouraging her to flirt with Inquisitor and get ‘better and more proof’ that he is a predator, that the evidence they have on him will not be enough to get him canceled.

Tito has remarked on the matter and said he was trying to ‘ruin Inquisitor’s life’ in his video. He said the conversation had been taken out of context and that Inquisitor did send AJ predatory messages in the past, but he wanted more proof against him. He deleted the video later.

More people joined the Inquisitor’s side, criticized AJ and Tito, and claimed that the evidence supporting the claims that AJ and Tito framed the Inquisitor was convincing. The evidence of the Inquisitor acting as a predator was not enough.

There has not been any official investigation into the matter, and all the information regarding the incident is mainly speculation.

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