Irena Akbar Sparks Controversy Amidst Hamas Parade of Woman’s Body in Israel-Gaza Conflict

Last Updated on October 9, 2023, 12:33 pm

The terrible news spreading on the internet that Hamas parading a woman’s bruised body around the streets of Israel in the back of a pick-up truck has surfaced as the Israel-Gaza conflict rages. Social media footage shows a yelling throng surrounding the Hamas car, imitating their cries and spitting on the woman’s body.

Mother of Abducted Woman in Hamas Truck Appeals for Help
Mother of Abducted Woman in Hamas Truck Appeals for Help (Image via

The mother of Shani L’uk, whose ‘ody was captured on camera being transported to Gaza by Palestinian in a pick-up truck, issued a statement earlier today. She saw her kid on the video and pleaded with the public for additional information.

Irena Akbar’s Statement About The Incident:

Irena Akbar, a former ‘journalist’ for the Indian Express, spoke out in support of the terrorists on Sunday morning, “October 8, a day after Hamas militants exhibited a German woman’s dead body on a pick-up truck after stripping her naked; she tweeted;

“The woman, whose body was being taken in a pick-up truck, has been identified as Shani Louk, a dual citizen of Germany and Israel who was” reportedly attending a music festival,” First, attacking women is unacceptable because it violates Islamic war etiquette, which is why it is. Second, the woman was not entirely naked; she wore a bikini. Don’t her death. You would see pictures on her Instagram; she posted herself wearing a bikini.”

Irena Akbar also wrote. The militants should have covered her corpse with a cloth or “heat and handled it respectfully, or they should have avoided attacking her, as Islam commands mod”sty for both men and women and respect for the deceased’s

She then engaged in mental gymnastics by posing, “Why are” people raising concerns about seeing a woman’s uncovered body when they hail bikinis as a symbol of ‘freedom’?” The former “journalist” for the Indian Express carefully ignored that Hamas murdered, undressed, and paraded the victim.

Nivedita Tiwari | निवेदिता तिवारी also tweeted back on her and stated, “To believe what this woman is defending in this case, one must be willing to suspend disbelief. It is, nevertheless, expected. Don’t undervalue the viciousness of the women in the savage cult. They are given a variety of roles.”

People are criticizing Irena Akbar for the following tweet: Mr Sinha wrote in a tweet;

 “Islamist @irenaakbar, a journalist, is defending #Hamas from criticism by claiming that “she had posted pics in a bikini on Instagram; hence it’s not a big deal. There are so many poisonous snakes here!”

According to reports, Hamas initially asserted that the body belonged to a female Israeli soldier. According to the New York Post, Adi Louk, a German citizen and tattoo artist, confirmed on X that the woman in the video was her sister, Shani Louk.

Shani Louk is allegedly seen dancing at a music festival close to the Gaza border in a video shared by an account on Twitter. According to the report, these were Shani’s ‘final moments’ before being taken prisoner by Hamas.

One of the first places attacked by Hamas militants was the music event Shani had visited. Further details are needed as the situation continues to be quite troubling.

The militant group Hamas launched the first assault on Israel on Saturday morning, launching an incredible 5,000 rockets, which was followed by the infiltration of the nation by the terrorists. The jihadists have also captured foreigners.

According to reports, Hamas terrorists have kidnapped 17 people from Nepal and injured seven in Israel. In the most recent fighting, there have been about 500 fatalities in Israel and Palestine.


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