Jenny Appleford, Beloved Influencer Battling with Cancer, Is she Dead or Alive?

Last Updated on November 2, 2023, 10:05 am

Jenny Appleford, a YouTube Star who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, is alive and now getting treatment for the disease surrounded by loved ones.

Jenny Appleford Diagnosed with Cancer
Jenny Appleford (Image via Facebook)

Jenny Appleford, an influencer and content creator is still alive however, has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and according to her last video, she is surviving in her last days; her doctors are not hopeful for her life and have informed Jenny and her family about her critical condition.

The mother of two had shared the heartbreaking news in a recent video on her YouTube channel that she was living her final days, according to her doctors. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. We sincerely hope they find the strength to overcome this challenging time and Jenny recovers quickly. May she get a miracle and return home safely.

Who was Jenny Appleford?

She is an influencer on social media and a YouTube star (Jenny Apple) who won the hearts of ever-growing followers with engaging content. She shared her life experiences and insights, which resonated with the audience worldwide.

She is a loving wife and a devoted mother of two beautiful children. In recent years, she shared her journey of battling with terminal lung cancer. She displayed extraordinary bravery and strength in the face of terminal illness.

She inspired thousands, if not millions, with her honesty and tenacity. In her last videos, she shared she was scared, which takes true strength of character and real courage. She is honest and open about her feelings and shares with her followers everything, the good, the bad, and even the ugly reality that she faces. She is resilient to her very last breath.

What happened to Jenny Appleford?

Jenny experienced rib pain and shortness of breath. After many screenings and tests, she was diagnosed with inoperable stage 3 cancer in March of 2021 at just 33 years old. She underwent chemotherapy, medical procedures, and various medication treatments, but the tumor eventually metastasized to her brain and some of her lymph nodes last year and progressed to stage 4.

The YouTube star had never smoked, but the mother of two had to battle terminal lung cancer. Jenny Appleford, along with her husband, Kyle Appleford, announced to the world in a YouTube video about the diagnoses and said they believed in the ‘higher power,’ yet they understand the science. Earlier this year, the doctors told them she had six to nine months to live.

The heartbroken couple share the heartbreaking news with their children, Ellis, seven, and daughter Winnie, three. They released the video titled “We Told The Kids I’m Dying,” which also showed their children’s reactions. She recently shared a video saying she is in the hospital, and the doctors told her she had only days left to live.

Jenny’s sister also raised over $150,000 on a GoFundMe page set up to help them with cancer treatments and medical bills and also help her live the rest of her life with her children with improved quality of life, according to the page. They have shown outpouring of support for the family during their difficult time, and they continue to do so as now the family needs their help more than ever.


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