Celebrity Security Guard Kane Kongg Involved in A Punched-Out Incident at Halloween Party

Last Updated on October 30, 2023, 1:01 pm

Celebrity security guard Kane Kongg has been in the hot news recently because of his involvement in a violent David Dobrik Halloween party incident.

Jack Doherty Da Baby Security Guard Kane Kong Dead
Jack Doherty Da Baby Security Guard Kane Kong (Image via Instagram)

Partygoers were shocked and also worried about the safety of such parties after this incident occurred. This incident happened in Los Angeles. Several sources of social media first reported the incident, and then video footage made the rounds online, further supporting the story of the incident.

The horrific video showed Kane Kong hitting an unidentified party attendee with a solid, hard punch. It raised anger and also sparked criticism right away from the people.

Cause of Assult

For now, the exact reason for the dispute that happened between the partygoer and Kane Kongg is still unknown. According to the rumours and some sources, the argument or the conflict began when Corinna Kopf, a fellow content creator, claimed that she was assaulted by YouTuber Jack Doherty, who used inappropriate language and some insulting remarks.

After Doherty made an insulting remark about Kopf’s participation in OnlyFans, her friends responded angrily, which sparked a heated discussion at the scene. The crowd looked on as Doherty’s bodyguard, Kane Kongg, who then got involved and punched out.

Kopf’s friend fell to the ground after a punch by Doherty’s bodyguard, Kane Kongg. Doherty was shocked and broke out for the violence to stop at the moment, but Kongg seemed that he was ready to attack once more. It is that scene that happened when one of the party attendees attacked YouTuber Jack Doherty’s security guard, Kane Kongg.

Emerging Details of the Party

David Dobrik’s yearly Halloween party was expected and planned to be an unforgettable, charming evening, which brought together social media influencers, content creators, and celebrities all under one roof.

Snoop Dogg was the chief guest as he provided the entertainment for this fantastic event, which lived up to the expectations. People were wearing elegant costumes, and everyone was there. But eventually, this incident ruined the evening.

Legal Consequences

For now, It has not yet been made public if Kane Kongg is going to face prosecution or another sort of legal repercussions for the incident he was involved in. The Investigations are ongoing, so stay tuned for more information that might be released soon.

Security Guard Kane Kongg

As a celebrity security guard, Kane Kongg is well-known for having protected rapper DaBaby and YouTuber Jack Doherty, doing his duty with all his will. He has also become very popular on social media, where he usually posts his boxing and fitness-related content.

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