Kulbir Jhinjer’s Death Rumors, Is the Punjabi Singer Alive or Dead?

Last Updated on December 6, 2023, 6:07 am

India: Learn the truth behind the Punjabi Singer/Songwriter Kulbir Jhinjer’s Death Hoax

Kulbir Jhinjer Death Rumors
Kulbir Jhinjer (Image via Facebook)

Kulbir Jhinjer is a Punjabi singer, songwriter, lyricist, and actor. He is a prominent figure in the Punjabi music industry. He has garnered widespread appreciation for his musical prowess and distinctive vocal style.

What happened to Kulbir Jhinjer?

Recently, the renowned Punjabi singer became a victim of an online hoax. The rumors of the singer’s death were making rounds on the Internet, leaving his fans and followers concerned for their favorite artist’s well-being. Thousands of online users shared the news online, resulting in viral news. Is the renowned singer dead?

No, he is not. We are pleased to inform the readers that the beloved Punjabi singer Kulbir Jhinjer is alive and well. It is believed that the hoax stemmed from a photo on Instagram that was a tribute to a friend of his, but the Internet mistook it for his untimely demise. He cleared the confusion with a post on the same platforms, saying,

“This photo is of our friend Gurbir Bains, who passed away many years ago. In this photo, Tarsem has written some lines remembering Gurbir Bain. Rest of us are all fine and healthy with the grace of God,- Kulbir Jhinjer.”

His swift response to correct misinformation was valuable in stopping further panic and distress caused by the false report. His fans and followers were overjoyed to learn about the singer’s safety and well-being.

Who is Kulbir Jhinjer?

Kulbir Jhinjer is a popular singer, songwriter, lyricist, and actor from Punjab, India. He was born on August 2, 1980, and earned his degree in Civil Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev University. He found his calling in music and began his professional career as a singer in 2011 with the single ‘Kurta Pajama,’ which was a hit and gained widespread recognition.

He has since released many popular singles such as ‘Truckan Wale,’ ‘Munday Sharma Jaave,’ and Wrong Dicision.’ In 2018, he released his album ‘Back 2 Basics,’ which earned him a PTC Punjabi Music Award for Best Folk Pop Album nomination. He has collaborated with many notable artists and featured in Films and television shows.

He is married to Mandeep Kaur, and together they have two children. He loves his family and enjoys playing cricket. We wish him good fortune in the future and hope he continues to dazzle his fans with his musical talent.

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