Lance Laduke Accident, Pennsylvania Man, Died from Injuries in Home Accident

Last Updated on December 11, 2023, 3:30 pm

In a tragic turn of events, Lance Laduke, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, met with a devastating accident at home on Wednesday, November 22.

Lance Laduke Death
Lance Laduke (Image via Facebook)

In this unfortunate incident, he suffered an accident at home and was sent to the hospital due to a traumatic brain injury. After that, he experienced a major stroke and a brain aneurysm, which turned out to be insurmountable obstacles for him.

Andrew Hitz confirmed the news of Lance’s passing in a heartfelt Facebook post. Hitz expressed Lance’s profound impact on his life, describing him as a source of upliftment and positivity. Lance, a remarkable individual, had a knack for making everyone around him feel better.

Hitz mourned the loss, emphasizing the immense void left by Lance’s departure. He condoled Lance’s family, especially his wife Hannah and their children Quinn and Duncan. Social media have been poured with prayers and tributes on the news of his demise. Thoughts and Condolences to his loved ones and the entire community.

About Lance Laduke 

Lance Laduke was known for his role as a creator, mentor, and free PDF music practice instructor coach at Lance Laduke; his influence reached far and wide. Lance’s impact on the music community was substantial, from his position at Carnegie Mellon University to his ownership of Boston Brass.

He was also recognized as the Grand Poobah at Músico/Musician and served as a former pre-eminent mini-tuba-ist-in-residence as a Professional Tuba player. Lance displayed incredible strength despite his challenges and fought bravely for several days.

His family, including his wife Hannah, cherished their precious moments with him during this time. In a post on the CaringBridge website, Hannah Clyburn expressed gratitude for outpouring the community’s love, prayers, and support. Lance Laduke’s departure has left an irreplaceable gap, and the grieving process has been exceptionally difficult for his family and friends.

The support from the community, however, has provided a glimmer of hope during this trying time. Lance’s legacy as a mentor, musician, and creator will endure, and he will be dearly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. As the community comes together to mourn his loss, Lance’s memory will be cherished, and his impact on the world of music will continue to resonate. Prayers for him; Rest in Peace.


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