Niles Man Reported Missing Found Deceased; Cause of Death Unknown

Last Updated on October 4, 2023, 10:19 am

Steven Evan is a native resident of Niles City, Ohio. Steven was missing for 18 days. On 3rd October, his body was found deceased in a wooded area of Weathersfield township, according to a statement given by native police.

Steven Evan Dead
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Steven Evan, a responsible citizen, passed away at 24. We all need to pray for Steven and their family and friends suffering from this terrible situation. We need to know what happened with Steven: he was found deceased.

Cause of Death:

To find the truth, we begin from the 1st day he missed. According to his brother’s statement, Steven was with me inside my truck; I left him in the truck to walk with my dogs. STEVEN HAD LEFT THE TRUCK when I returned from the walk and opened the door. Steven’s brother said he tried to find it by himself, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. On Sunday, Steven’s whole family and the native community try to find him, but they get nothing.

On 18 September, Steven’s family reported him missing, and at that time, the Missing Niles man was officially searched by authorities. On 3 October 2023, an unidentified body was discovered in Weathersfield Township’s wooded areas. The Trumbull County Coroner was sent to the scene but has not provided any additional details. A cause of death has not yet been identified.

The authorities are still working on this case to find the actual cause of Steven’s death; it is not proven that he got attacked by someone cause the native police didn’t get a footprint on his body.

Funeral Detail:

A 24-year-old, Steven Evan, passed away, and his death has become a mystery for legal authorities. At this time, Evan’s Family needs support and prayer from us. The Evan family didn’t announce Steven’s funeral cause they needed time to stabilize their mental health and make decisions.

We will pray for Evan’s family to stay strong and take the decision of their son’s funeral, Kindly pray for Evan family. Our channel will update you on every single news.


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