A Terrible Incident at QE2 Bridge; individual is in Critical Condition after Falling from Dartford Crossing

Last Updated on October 4, 2023, 4:06 pm

On the morning of September 28, 2023, a terrifying incident occurred when a man’s life was in danger following a fall from the Dartford Crossing. The urgent call for assistance broke the day’s peace just before 8:00 a.m.

QE2 Bridge
QE2 Bridge (Image via www.gov.uk)

After being rescued from the water below the Dartford Crossing, The victim was rushed to the hospital, where his condition is still critical. Authorities reacted quickly after receiving reports of a concerning situation involving a guy from worried citizens.

The coastguard and Essex Police were called to the QE2 Bridge due to concerns about a possible safety issue and informed about the incident on Thursday morning.

Essex Police worked with Kent Police and HM Coastguard to recover a guy who had been seriously injured and fallen into the water; Essex Police released an official statement about the incident through a Facebook post which stated that:

“On Thursday, September 28, just before eight in the morning, we received a call to the QE2 Bridge on the Dartford River Crossing due to reports of a man’s safety being a worry. The patient was rushed to the hospital and is still in critical condition.

We are aware of a video showing a person on the bridge that has been going around on social media. Out of respect for the subject and his family, we kindly request that the public refrain from sharing this video further.”

 According to police, after being rescued from the water, a man was carried to the hospital with significant injuries, and he’s still in critical condition.

This morning, the M25 had two lanes restricted due to “a police incident,” which resulted in lengthy lines for motorists. The flow of traffic is now back to normal. No further details have not been released about the victim or the incident on social media. Prayers for victim’s speedy recovery.

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