A Tragic Climbing Incident Claims the Life of Aaron Livingston

Last Updated on September 8, 2023, 2:39 am

Aaron Livingston, a notable climber and guide, passed away, leaving the climber community disbelieving and saddened.

Aaron Livingston Died
Aaron Livingston (Image via Facebook)

Aaron Livingston, a renowned name in the climber community, passed away on Monday, September 4, 2023. He was a native of Cottonwood, Arizona. He was a certified Rock guide at Alpenglow Expeditions. He was a fearless rock climber who loved guiding others to follow their passion for mounting the great peaks.

Who was Aaron Livingston?

Aaron was an adventurous young man who had an undying passion for climbing. He grew up in Utah and spent his childhood in the Wasatch Mountains. At age 5, he began skiing with his father and spent his adolescent year backpacking and hiking with his parents, which sparked his love for nature and wilderness.

His parents’ careful nurturing and support made him a strong, independent, and adventurous soul. He began climbing in 2012 and never looked back. Climbing became his passion, and mountains became his second home. After a while, he decided to help others follow their hearts in scaling the mountain by becoming a guide at the San Juan mountains of Colorado. He began climbing professionally in 2022 and joined Alpenglow Expeditions.

What happened to Aaron Livingston?

When the tragedy struck him, Aaron was following his passion for mountain climbing with his friend Nolan Smyth by scaling El Gante, Chihuahua, in Mexico. The rock the two were perched on dislodged from the hill. It broke the rope Nolan Smyth was hanging on and caused him to suffer a fatal fall from more than 1,000 feet off the ground. He perished immediately.

Aaron, on the other hand, was left hanging from a rope. Living through the horror of witnessing his friend lose his life and facing the danger of following his friend to the grave, he showed excellent reliance and faced the odds with great courage.

Hanging from the rope, he used his satellite phone to call a friend in Toluca, Mexico, who immediately notified the authorities.

The authorities swiftly came to his aid and began a four-day rescue operation involving combined efforts of police, army units, aerial support from the Mexican Air Force, and drones of the Civil Protection Unit. Sergio “Tiny” Almada and Jose David Martinez, two of Aaron’s friends, also came to rescue him. They recovered the body of Nolan Smyth and helped Aaron.

The Mexican Red Cross paramedics tended to Aaron and transported him to a clinic in Cajurichi, Chihuahua, but unfortunately, Aaron couldn’t survive and departed into another world.

Obituary and Funeral

Aaron’s obituary was released, announcing his tragic passing to the world. The details of his death have not been made public yet. It paid homage to Aaron and his talents, adventurous nature, and resilience in times of difficulty. His family will provide the information about his memorial service later.


Anna Brown wrote,

“I’m sorry to read this news. I followed Aaron’s many adventures in the social world and hoped to have met him in the real world some day. My condolences to all of you who loved him and included him in your circle of family.”

Fan Y wrote,

“Rest easy, friend. I won’t forget your kind nature and easy smile. I’ll be seeing you in Valhalla, you warrior.”

Our deepest condolences to the friends and family.

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