Adam M. Hobach Tragically Killed in Fatal Motorcycle Crash: Truck Driver Arrested on Homicide Charges

Last Updated on September 27, 2023, 6:27 am

Around 9 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 24, at Highway K and west frontage road intersection. A deadly crash happened between a motorcycle and a box truck.

Adam M. Hobach Died
Adam M. Hobach (Image via Facebook)

The motorbike had a male and a female, while a single individual carried the box truck. The woman suffered severe injuries while the man operating a motorbike died. The female from the motorcycle was shifted to Froedtert Hospital through an immediate flight for Life helicopter.

Individuals on Motorbike

The male individual who died at the accident spot was identified as Adam M. Hobach. The age of the male was 45, and was a resident of Oak Creek. This information was confirmed via mail from Lt. Michael Luell of the Racine County Sheriff’s Office.

The female who was on a bike with the male was identified as Hobach’s juvenile daughter. She got injuries that were not life-threatening due to the helmet she was wearing.

The individual of the truck driver was identified as Jonathan D. Bueche. He was 31 years old and a resident of Illinois. The authorities suspected him. The deputies took Bueche to a hospital, where a blood draw was conducted. They put him through a Standardized Field Sobriety Test to identify whether there was some drug involvement or not. Later, after the result of the test, the truck driver was placed under arrest.

The authorities have reported the conclusion of the trial that the truck driver was impaired because he was addicted to marijuana. The blood sample was transported to the Wisconsin Crime Laboratory for further analysis. The authorities shifted the truck driver to Racine County Jail, where he will hand it over to jail staff. The truck driver was issued a penalty of $50,000 bail on the charge of Homicide by the Intoxicated Use of a Motor Vehicle.

The deputies also issued the following statement and the citation

  • Operating under the influence causing injury
  • Operating under the influence
  • Failure to yield while making a left turn
  • Failure to pay while making a left turn caused great bodily harm
  • Failure to yield while making a left turn caused death
  • Bueche is expected to appear in circuit court on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

The active investigation is still in process by the Recine County sheriff with its associated criminal institute. However, further details are not released by deputies regarding the case.


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