18-Year-Old Peotone Resident Alex Cardenas Dies in Fatal Car Crash

Last Updated on September 12, 2023, 12:44 pm

A High School graduate, Alex Cardenas, died after severe injuries in a tragic Car Accident on Sunday, September 10, 2023, in Peotone, Illinois. He had turned 18 years old at the end of July.

Alex Cardenas Died
Alex Cardenas (Image via gofundme.com)

His untimely demise left the family and community in mourning and grief; however, the Official circumstances regarding the accident have not been made yet by the family or by law enforcement organizations.

Connie Ramirez released his death news through a Facebook that stated,

“Alex Cardenas, the son of one of my closest family friends, passed away in a car accident early on Sunday. Alex had just turned 18 at the end of July and had just graduated high school in May.”

Cardenas’s family is selling sports T-shirts and other stuff to earn an amount for Alex’s funeral and burial arrangements. Connie Ramirez also requested in the same post that Please Consider buying a t-shirt; the money will all go to the family to help with funeral expenses.

Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends, and close Companions in this trying time. Alex’s funeral and memorial services have not been released publicly.

About Alex Cardenas

Alex was an intelligent student at Peotone High School and a brilliant athlete on his school’s Football team. He recently celebrated his high school graduation in May and in late July.

Alex was also renowned for his love of football, proudly playing for the Demons and representing his club. He was a young man with outstanding character who made everyone around him smile and laugh because of his kind and clever attitude.

Alex served as a leader in the classroom at Peotone High School. He was a fantastic athlete. In addition to being a successful starter for the Peotone football team, Alex qualified for the state wrestling tournament twice.

He was a remarkable young man. Had the purest soul, was good-natured, clever, entertaining, and a fantastic friend. He was the best because he always knew how to make everyone feel valued, loved, and respected.

GoFundMe for Alex’s Funeral and Obituary

The Cardenas Family has created two GoFundMe pages to fund Alex’s funeral customs. Teresa Cardenas and Andrea Protti organized these two campaigns, and both of them are official pages, which Amanda Vazquez Hernandez Sampognaro has clarified through a Facebook post that stated:

“Just in case anyone is curious, both of the GoFundMe pages—this one and the one that a friend from school created—are real. The entire sum will be given to his family and mother Teresa Hernandez-Cardenas to assist with funeral expenses. The day and hour of his services will be announced soon.”

The campaigns had started to raise an overall $24000 goal, and $17272 had been raised through both pages. Anyone who wants to help Cardenas’s family can donate directly. Prayers for Young Boy; he may get peace in the afterlife. Rest in Peace, Alex Cardenas.

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