Alexis Rodriguez and Luis Fernando; Died in a Terrible Fatal Crash

In a terrible motor vehicle accident, Luis Fernando Cevallos and Alexis Rodriguez tragically passed away. The incident happened on August 4, 2021, at around 2:15 in the morning.

Alexis Rodriguez and Luis Fernando Accident
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The tragic occurrence involving 27-year-old Alexis Rodriguez took place on Tonnelle Avenue close to the Paterson Plank Road overpass. She was riding along in a 2022 Kia Stinger that Luis Fernando Cevallos, a 24-year-old, was driving.

They reportedly hit a 2021 Volvo tractor-trailer that had positioned itself across all four lanes of the road for an early morning delivery to a local business while moving south on Tonnelle Avenue at a noticeably high speed.

Few Minutes before the Incident

Officer Jon Nunez of the North Bergen Police Department pulled down a 2022 Kia Stinger at 61st Street and Kennedy Boulevard at 1:49 AM on August 4, 2021, due to excessive speeding and reckless driving.

He got in touch with the driver and his passenger, who was identified as Luis Fernando Cevallos, 24, and Alexis Rodriguez, 27, respectively. They were on their first date, according to Alexis, who blamed herself for his careless driving because she was pressed for time to get home.

Officer Nunez informed Alexis that it was not her fault. Luis was given three tickets for careless driving, failing to obey a flashing traffic signal, and breaking the terms of a provisional license. Nunez cautioned Luis to drive safely to avoid a fatal collision before allowing him to go. By 2:02 AM, the traffic stop was over.

About Fatal Crash

Officer Nunez (the same officer) responded to a radio transmission made by Officer Jessica Toro at around 2:13 AM about a tractor-trailer accident involving a motor vehicle on Route 1-9 and 36th Street. He saw the identical car that he had just stopped a short while ago as he got closer to the accident scene.

The Kia Stinger swerved to miss the approaching obstruction but struck the side of the tractor-trailer right behind one of its rear wheels. The collision pushed the car underneath the trailer, where it came to a stop about 30 to 40 feet past the truck.

The car struck the side of the tractor-trailer, just behind one of the back wheels, according to Dowd. It then slid underneath the trailer until it came to a rest 30 to 40 feet behind the truck.

Tragically, at 2:26 a.m., medical workers at the scene confirmed that Alexis Rodriguez and Luis Fernando Cevallos had passed away. Surprisingly, the truck driver, who was inside his car at the time of the collision, walked away unharmed.

Although the investigation is still going on, Captain David Dowd of the North Bergen Police Department has said that it doesn’t appear that drugs or alcohol were involved in this tragic occurrence.

Thoughts and Condolences to the victim’s families and prayers for them, who died in this accident at a young age. Rest in Peace, Luis and Alexis.


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