Former Racer and Snowmobiler Bill Cudney Passed Away

Last Updated on October 18, 2023, 11:45 pm

Bill Cudney, Owner of Cudney Racing, passed away unexpectedly; his death news was released on social media on Friday, September 29, 2023. The specifics of Bill Cudney’s demise, including his particular cause of death, are unknown.

Bill Cudney Died
Bill Cudney (Image via Facebook)

However, according to some reports, he died as a result of a terrible accident; the incident’s exact circumstances have not been made public. Neither Cudey family made any statement public.

Hurricane Performance Canada Inc. confirmed his death through a Facebook post stated that:

“My Friend Bill. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many folks over my years working in the sled industry. One of my pals I’ve admired the most is Bill Cudney. We haven’t always shared the same opinions, but despite that, we have always been friends. Bill has passed away, according to a buddy of mine who just told me.

I’m astonished, depressed, and thinking back on our numerous discussions. I’ve lost a friend and peer, and we’ve all lost an icon. My thoughts and prayers are with Bill’s family as they figure out how to live without this terrific man. Bill Cudney will stay in my recollections lovingly as my friend as I look back on my life.”

Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends, and community, Bill’s funeral and memorial services have not been announced yet.

About Bill Cudney

Bill Cudney was an Ontario native who spent a significant portion of his early years in Blenheim before relocating to Tilbury, where he remained until his passing. He completed secondary studies at Blenheim District High School.

He was regarded as a legendary snowmobiler, snowmobile clutch provider, and former Epic Racer. Bill had a great sense of humor and was always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needed it.

Bill began competing in ski doo snowmobile races well over 25 years ago, and his résumé lists multiple victories and championships in oval racing. He was the international snowmobile racer of the year and one of Snow Week’s top 10 racer during this time.

He competed in the World Series’ grass and ice drag racing championships and won numerous necessary drag racing cups. The company was eventually founded due to his first-hand expertise in clutching, motor porting and producing billet domes and heads during those years.

They have been a specialized ski doo performance store for more than 25 years, and they are only focused on creating ski doo trail performance products such as billet heads, clutch kits, porting, and billet accessories.

Cudney Racing is a year-round ski doo performance company that has gained the devotion of its clients by providing the industry’s top technologies. They offer items to trail riders based on the same technology as our race equipment.

All those who knew him during his well-lived life will miss him forever. Many people have sent their sincere condolences to the family of dear Bill Cudney since the news of his passing broke.

Nicole Meloche wrote in her Facebook statement that; “Bill was a great guy, as you are all aware. He was a brilliant businessman (but, really, is it a job when you enjoy what you do) and a fantastic family man. He was knowledgeable, mechanical, rational, kind, and helpful, and he loved playing.

A close friend described him as. You could meet him and become buddies for the rest of your life. You (and Grace) are in our prayers, Pat. The biggest hugs. Another remarkable man was gone to the world. A legend.”

Bill truly had a kind and loving personality; everyone cherished him, and his friends and mates adored him. Prayers for such a humble and hardworking man; his legacy will always endure. Rest in Peace, Bill Cudney.


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