Brix Ferraris Missing Update 2024: Where is Brix Ferraris?

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Brix Ferraris, the former frontman of the renowned band South Border, is currently based in the United States. He has chosen to maintain a low-key lifestyle and wishes to keep the distance from his former family with TV host Amy Perez.

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Where is Brix Ferraris?

Amy Perez recently opened up about her ex-husband, musician Brix Ferraris, in an interview with local media. According to her, her ex-husband is currently residing in the US. However, she did not disclose more details about his life there, such as whether he has a family in the States.

According to her, she learned that Brix had realized that he had nothing to do with her or their son, Adi. Amy and her son, Adi, have accepted the situation. The last meaningful conversation between Adi and his father happened when he was only a toddler. Brix promised him to return after a visit to Timezone, but he never came back.

Amy and Adi attempted to locate him separately, even using Google. Adi wanted to know his estranged father better. Amy got the wind that Brix had relocated to the US and had decided not to engage in any discussion related to his former family. Amy and Adi are currently living a life full of love, kindness, and resilience with Amy’s new husband, Carlo Castillo.

Who is Brix Ferraris?

Brix Ferraris is a well-known Filipino musician best known for being the lead vocalist of the popular band South Border. He gained widespread appreciation during his time with the band. In 1995, Brix married the famous TV presenter Amy Perez, and together they had a son named Adi.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended shortly afterwards, and Amy filed for an annulment, which was granted by the court in 2014. Since then, Amy has moved on in her life and married radio personality Carlo Castillo.

Amy and Adi initially attempted to locate him so that Adi could reconnect with his estranged father and get to know him better. But they soon realized that Brix had chosen to maintain distance from his former family and had no desire to reconnect with them.

They made their peace with their situation and are happy with the love and acceptance they have received from Amy’s new husband, Carlo Castillo, who has adopted Adi. Adi’s stepdad loves him as his own, and Adi has found happiness in his new family and loves his step-siblings.


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