Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson Death: Renowned Musician and Comedian Passed Away

Last Updated on December 29, 2023, 5:00 am

Music and Comedic Industry Mourns the Loss of Talented Musician, Songwriter, and Comedian Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson.

Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson Dead
Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson (Image via Facebook)

Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson, a renowned musician, songwriter, and comedian best known for his artistic work in Monsters in the Morning on Real Radio 104.1, tragically passed away on Thursday, December 28, 2023.

What happened to Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson?

He passed away on December 28, 2023, leaving family and friends aggrieved and fans and community mourning. The details of his death have not been made public at the moment. The cause of Wilson’s untimely demise is unknown. The Real Radio 104.1announced the sad news and paid homage to the late artist in a post on Facebook from Jack Bradshaw, which said,

“We are sad to learn of the news of the passing of Burt “Bubba” Wilson. Bubba was part of the fabric of the history of Monsters in the Morning and Real Radio. His music and contributions to the Monsters were significant and will be remembered by all who listened. Rest in Peace, WhoopAss, and thanks for making us laugh.”

Who was Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson?

Burt “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson was a musician, comedian, and former songwriter and comedian for Monsters in the Morning on Real Radio 104.1. He was born Donald Burton Wilson Jr. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was a founding member of Clutch. He owned and operated Whoop-ass Dueling Pianos and was a dueling piano player at Pat O’Brian’s CityWalk.

Wilson began his career in the entertainment industry and created and produced musical shows that laid the foundation for the Showbiz Pizza Place chain during the 1980s. He provided the beloved voice of “Fatz the Gorilla.” In the early 1090s, he sang and arranged music for the revered Capella Group, “The Hollywood Hi-Tones,” at Universal Studios, Florida.

In 1992, Burt joined the Monsters of the Morning on Real Radio, 104.1 FM Orlando. His musical and comedic talents made the show a fan favourite. On the Monsters, he garnered widespread popularity and appreciation as the character “Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson, a resident Cajun-Florida Redneck and daily presented unique and

humorous outlooks on life in a segment called “Correct Me If I’m Wrong”, as well as writing, producing, arranging, and performing over 2,000 original songs for the show.
In 2007, he released a CD of his more serious music, Everett. It was his dream project and took 25 years in the making, which included award-winning hit singles

“Southern Girl’ and “Everett.” In 2012, he realized another of his dreams when Burt and other members of Clutch were welcomed into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame by Mayor Kip Holden. In 2013, he became a semi-finalist in the Comedy/Novelty Song category in the International Songwriting Competition.

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