Celine Tiffany Ann, a 32-year-old Kentucky Mom Charged With Her Two Son’s Murder

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Jayden and Peanut Howard ages nine and six, were shot and killed in their family home; their mother, Celine Tiffanie Ann, was charged with two counts of murder.

Celine Tiffany Ann, a 32-year-old Kentucky Mom Charged With Her Two Son’s Murder
Celine Tiffany Ann (Image via Facebook)

Celine Tiffany Ann, a 32-year-old Kentucky mom, has been charged with two counts of murder after her sons, Jayden and Peanut Howard, ages nine and six, were found critically injured with gunshot wounds at the family home in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, on Wednesday morning, November 8, 2023.

What happened to Jayden and Peanut Howard?

A horrific incident unfolded when the Police responded to a shooting report around 11 a.m. at the Shepherdsville residence. Upon arrival, the Police discovered two children with gunshot wounds. The children were rushed to the hospital Norton Children’s Hospital, where they died while in surgery.

According to the Police, a neighbor found the boys in bed, covered in blood, shot in a bed in their home on Bentwood Drive while Celine Tiffany Ann, their mother, was outside and had collapsed on the lawn. She was taken into custody and was later charged with the murder of her sons, nine-year-old Jayden and six-year-old Maurice, fondly known as Peanut.

Col. Alex Payne, the chief deputy of Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, spoke to the media and said,

“They were alive and remained so until they got to the hospital. We did the best we could.” He said,

“There were two victims in the bedroom. They were covered in blood and there was a gun on the bed.”

Payne also told the media that the young victims were half-brothers, the father of one of the victims is dead, and the identity and whereabouts of the father of the other victim are unknown. The authorities notified other family members they got hold of.

Walt Sholar, a Bullitt County Sheriff, told the media that the investigation is in its early stages and more information will be released as soon as it is available. He also said,

“At this time, it appears all parties in relation to this incident have been accounted for and there is no threat to the community.”

Celine Tiffany Ann is currently held at the Bullitt County Center and will appear in court on Thursday, November 9, 2023, for arraignment. Court records revealed Lucas had previously been involved in a drug possession conviction and had spent a month in jail. She is currently behind bars on a 2 million dollar bond.

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