Chris Clifford, a Dentist and Father of Five, Died in A Crash in Dearborn

Last Updated on September 27, 2023, 9:28 am

Dearborn community mourns the death of its beloved dentist, Chris Clifford.

Chris Clifford Died
Chris Clifford (Image via Facebook)

Chris Clifford, a dentist and father of five, died in a crash on Monday, September 25, 2023, in Dearborn, Michigan, leaving his family devastated and the community saddened.

The accident happened after Chris left work on the southbound lane of Telegraph and Carlysle Street. Chris was driving a Dodge Challenger Scatpack when it collided at the rear-end with a Tesla Model S. He suffered a medical episode after the collision. He was transferred to the hospital but could not survive and passed away.

Law enforcement responded to the scene and blocked the lane to conduct the investigation. The intersection was reopened after collecting evidence. An investigation is underway to learn more about the circumstances that led to the accident.

The cause of death of Dr. Clifford remains under investigation. It is unclear whether the medical condition or the injuries were responsible for the death. Authorities have yet to release a statement regarding the exact cause of death. No charges were filed against the other driver at the moment.

The Newman Family Dental Center has released a statement regarding one of their colleague’s unexpected death. It said,

“It is with a heavy heart that we regret to inform the public of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Chris Clifford.

Dr. Clifford passed away on the evening of 9/25/23 following a serious automobile accident on Telegraph Rd after leaving the office. This is a devastating loss for our doctors, staff and patients, as well as Dr. Clifford’s wife, children, and family.

During this difficult time, we will do our best to provide you with the level of care that we always have.”

“Sincerely, The Doctors and Staff of Newman Family Dental

If you would like to donate to the family: GoFundMe

If you would like to donate a meal to their family: Meal Train

His heartbroken family spoke to a news channel and shared with the world what a great guy Chris Clifford was. His wife Lindsey said,

“We just loved him so much.” She continues, “Broken. So sad. We loved him so much and he loved so much.”

Chris and Lindsey have been married for 20 years. She was his high school sweetheart. They met when she was 15.

“ We had plans to stay here and grow old together and have grandbabies,” she added, “We were just talking about this a few weeks ago.”

The family made so many precious memories this summer while taking a trip to Cedar Point. Chris also brought his eldest son, Artjoms, to the University of Michigan football game this past Saturday. He was himself a graduate of the University of Michigan. It was Artjoms’ first game,

Artjoms said about his father, ” He was just amazing.”

Chris was a perfect family man who loved his family very much and wanted to spend more time with them, but time did them no justice. They were deprived of his love and time too soon. He was only 41 years old.

Lindsey says he was a dedicated dentist but only had one habit of enjoying one too many candies.

“He ate more candy than a dentist should.”

The family’s grief is shared by the community, which has outpoured support for the family. Lindsey says their family appreciates the community’s support and her church. She says faith is helping her family endure their loss.

“He was a strong Christian. We know he’s in heaven and that gives us hope. We are thankful for that,”


A GoFundMe page has been set up to help ease the family’s financial burden. The funds will be used for funeral and burial arrangements; the rest will help the family with their expenses. More than a hundred people have donated and over thirteen thousand dollars have been raised. More donations are being made.

A MealTrain has also been organized for the grieving family. The community has shown overwhelming support and booked meals for them throughout the month.


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