Chris Lewis Died at 62 – What Happened to Mountain Rescue Volunteer?

Last Updated on September 9, 2023, 12:40 pm

Barrow, September 9, 2023 – In an unfortunate incident highlighting the risks the mountain rescue volunteers face, Chris Lewis of the Peter Daily mountain rescue team passed away at 62.

Chris Lewis Died
Chris Lewis (Image via Facebook)

Mr. Chris fell from a height of 500 feet, around 150 meters while assisting campers who had disobeyed coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The incident occurred on February 6, 2021, near Ambleside on Red Screen; those campers were charged be £200 for the breach of lockdown-reduced regulations as highly skilled and dedicated members of the rescue community.

Mr. Lewis selflessly responded to their distress call; however, he slipped on treacherous terrain during the rescue operation, leading to spinal injuries and making him wheelchair-bound.

Despite his injuries, he kept supporting the mountain rescue teams in the lakes. His great services and bravery earned him the inspiring Eden Award in March 2023 for his great contributions to the community.

After his initial fall, Mr. Lewis underwent extensive hospital treatment and was admitted to the Furnace General Hospital on September 2, 2023, for his chest infection and pneumonia. Tragically, after two days of battle, he passed away.

Mr. Lewis’s life serves as a reminder of the courage and dedication towards one’s work and the legacy he left behind.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding his death involved adverse weather conditions resulting in freezing temperatures and sleet, due to which the rescue operation became challenging.
He was a courageous soul who did not return from the mission to rescue the campers and continued his job.

The MRT community passed its sincerest condolences to Lewis’s family and loved ones after his passing. He was a hero who saved many lives while risking his own and making remarkable contributions to the rescue operations. May his family be able to bear this loss in such challenging times.


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