Courtney French, a Pittsburg State University Alumna, Has Died Unexpectedly

Last Updated on September 9, 2023, 5:51 am

Columbia Community mourns Courtney French.

Courtney French Died
Courtney French (Image via Facebook)

Courtney French, a promising young woman, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, September 7, 2023, in Columbia, Missouri. She graduated from Pittsburg High School and studied Merchandise Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She was a Pittsburg State University Alumna and followed her career in fashion at the university.

Who was Courtney French?

Courtney was a beloved member of the Columbia community. She was a native of Pittsburg, Kansas. Courtney moved to Columbia, at the heart of Missouri, where she lived the rest of her short life.

Courtney had true Columbian spirit and hospitality. She loved everyone dearly. She loved to make friends and lived every moment of her life to the fullest.  Everyone loved Courtney.

She was a cherished member of the society. She never judged anyone. Courtney would always help others. She offered a strong bolster to her friends who needed it. She braced them when they were struggling in their lives.

Courtney would breathe life into every room she walked in. Her friends remember her being the life of the party. She would play games, dance, ballets, and have a good time with her friend at the pool. Courtney was the giggle at every event and would light up every corner of the room with her charismatic persona.

What happened to Courtney French?

The details of her passing are not yet known to the public. Her close friends shared the news of her untimely departure on social media. She left many hearts broken with her departure.

Courtney’s obituary or details of a memorial service at the present moment. The details will be shared with the public as soon as it is learned. Everyone is requested to respect the family’s mourning and give them the appropriate time to heal from their grief.


Many have left their heartfelt notes on social media, honoring the memory of Courtney French. The Columbia community came together to share their fondest memories of Courtney and stand in solidarity with their loss.

Jennifer Akers wrote on social media,

“We bonded from the moment we met. You accepted me in a group that’s hard to break into. You loved me and supported me when I was struggling. You never judged, just loved. I experienced some of the most memorable times of my life with you. Jet planes, yachts, Mizzou games, cotton bowls, choreographed the most amazing dance routines in momma Nema’s living room, ballets, dancing with the stars, pool time, weddings and all the time giggling through it all with out a care in the world. You’re a light in all of our lives. You made me a better person! Life isn’t fair, but I know someday we will understand why. Love you Courtney French! God gained an amazing angel!”

Gretchen Wyatt wrote,

“This is Kansas and Missouri put together!! I will miss our talks and ur encouragement. We will definitely missssssss you more then you will ever know! #court.”


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