A 24-Year-Old Lady, Iris Courtney Garner, Died after Domestic Violence incident

Last Updated on September 10, 2023, 9:14 am

Coral Springs Woman Remembered for Generosity and Radiant Spirit

Courtney Garner Died
Courtney Garner (Image via Facebook)

Coral Springs, Florida – The Coral Springs community is mourning the huge loss of Iris Courtney Garner, a 24-year-old lady. She was a victim of domestic violence, and died of domestic violence incident on Sunday, September 3, 2023.

Tammany Godden released her death news on Facebook and stated that:

“My best friend Katy Garner Katy Hume. Gave me that phone call no one wants to get I’m in such shock my tears are frozen . Her first born & Oldest daughter Iris Courtney Garner ! Passed away she was murdered from Domestic Violence”

Iris’s family and everyone knew her expressed heartbreaking remarks and remembered her as a kind-hearted lady with a generous smile.

Iris embarked on a mission to have a prosperous and satisfying existence. Fort Myers, Florida is her hometown, however, she was a resident of Coral Springs, Florida. She went to Cape Coral High School.

Iris worked as a hardworking Restaurant server at Lumber Axe Whiskey Bar and Grill Iris’s influence extended beyond her professional as well as academic accomplishments.

Her great zest for life and liveliness resonated with all those who were lucky enough to meet her. A picture of Iris being displayed at Cape Christian remains vivid in the mind of a close acquaintance as a great evidence of her persistent faith and the strength she had found in the soulful experiences involving spirituality.

Iris’s infectious grin reflected her concerned character. She possessed a heart full of unconditional love. Everyone who interacted with her is missing her presence. In response to Iris’ sudden demise, Kelci-Marie Holzhay, a resident of the Cape Coral area of Florida started a GoFundMe campaign for the departed soul titled “Iris Courtney Garner” to support her family in need.

The family is asking for privacy and will share updates about her funeral arrangements later on. This tragic incident involving the issues she faced in her personal life leading to death has saddened many. She was a very kind and loving soul whose passing away left a huge void in the world. Her memories will be cherished forever by those who knew her. We pray for her family to find peace and strength in these challenging times.

Brian Reyes said in a post:

“Rest in peace Iris Courtney Garner  I wish there was something I could’ve done to prevent wat you went through for your last breath much love to you short stuff I know u impacted many lives with your smile just know that down on earth you have a lotta people that loved you this just seem soo surreal the way u was taken  away from us I couldn’t even fathom the fact how u passed rip iris -love Brian Reyes #stopdomesticabuse”

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