Dija, a 22 year old Killed in Converse Drive-By Shooting In San Antonio Texas, Community mourns

Last Updated on December 8, 2023, 3:58 pm

The community of San Antonio, Texas, is grieving the unexpected and tragic death of Dija, whose demise was announced on December 8, 2023, through social media.

Dija Dead
Dija (Image via Facebook)

The tragic demise of Dija unfolded in a drive-by shooting in Converse on Wednesday night, leaving her dead and a man injured. According to Converse Police, the incident occurred at approximately 8:40 p.m. on Arundel Garden near FM 1516. The 22-year-old Dija was discovered lifeless in front of a residence.

Preliminary investigations reveal that a black vehicle occupied by two suspects unleashed a hail of gunfire into another vehicle where the victim was seated, resulting in her untimely death. Shockingly, the man accompanying her escaped physical harm from the shooting.

However, police indicate that he sustained injuries to his hand while attempting to forcibly access the car in an urgent effort to reach the woman. This distressing event adds a chilling layer to the previously shared social media posts by friends and family mourning the loss of Dija.

The news suggests that Dija was the victim of a heinous crime, with reports claiming she was killed and murdered. Sarah Miles, a close acquaintance, expressed her shock and sorrow through a heartfelt Facebook post:

“I can’t believe the news I woke up to this morning about Dija. My heart goes to Kuquanda Perkins, Dejanique Derry, Trecia Hardaway-Richardson, and everyone close to her. Dija was one of the purest souls since she was a young child, always running around with my niece La’Shanti Miles. I don’t understand, San Antonio, I really don’t.”

Sarah further criticized the media for sharing footage online and urged others not to spread the news clip unless information about the perpetrator was disclosed: “SA news, you’re wrong for posting that footage online. That’s not okay unless you’re telling us who did it. Don’t share that news clip, bruh.”

Lawanda Fennell-Morrison, another friend, shared a poignant statement on Facebook, highlighting Dija’s youth, dreams, and the impact of her untimely death on her family:

“She just turned 22! She had a family, friends, dreams, and plans. She was a beautiful young lady with a warm smile. Someone woke up today knowing they took all this away from her, leaving her brutally murdered. To anyone who knows the perpetrator and stays silent, may God have mercy on your soul.”

Lawanda emphasized the importance of justice and called on the community to support Dija’s grieving family. She condemned the sharing of a disturbing video depicting the crime and hoped it would haunt those responsible until justice prevailed.

The message concluded with condolences to Dija’s family and the community, expressing sympathy during this tragic time. No additional details regarding the footage or Dija’s identity have been found on social media, and funeral arrangements remain unknown.

The message urged prayers for Dija and expressed the hope that her death would not be in vain. Thoughts and Condolences go out to her family and community in this devastating time. Prayers for her. Rest in Peace, Dija.

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