Terrible Loss of Erik Fischetti, a Resident of Atlantic City; Died Unexpectedly

Last Updated on September 30, 2023, 10:49 am

Erik Fischetti, a resident of Atlantic City, New Jersey, passed away unexpectedly on September 27, 2023; his death cause is unknown yet. Erik’s family hasn’t released any statement regarding his death yet.

Erik Fischetti Died
Erik Fischetti (Image via Facebook)

Erik was survived by his family and friends; his family and community are mourning in loss and grief after his demise,

Jerry Ryan confirmed his death news through a Facebook post and wrote in his statement that;

“It is sad to learn of Erik Fischetti’s demise. He’s always been a good guy, and this is a terrible loss for our neighbourhood. You may have seen him hanging out or playing as Fischetti Barz if you attended any early Elephant Talk Indie shows. In 2012, he was awarded Hip Hop Artist of the Year. Rest in Peace, dear friend. You were cherished.”

Erik’s loved ones are sharing prayers and sympathies on social media. Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends and close companions in this challenging time. However, his funeral and burial details have not been released publicly.

About Erik Fischetti

Erik Fischetti was a resident of Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was a digital creator, and according to his Facebook profile, he was a cherished member of the society. His untimely death left behind his loved ones saddened.

Fischetti gained widespread attention after publishing images of the aftermath of a gunshot at the Tropicana Casino on Instagram in 2016. He was smoking in front of the casino on Pacific Avenue when a man approached him and told him he had been shot.

Fischetti reported the incident to the local authorities and took pictures while being in disbelief. His bravery and composure deeply moved those who read his story under pressure.

In addition, Erik received public attention in 2017 due to his relationship with Alex, a homeless guy. Over the past few years, Erik has made it a point to get out of his car and walk behind the building whenever he stops at the same gas station in Atlantic City.

When he arrives, he searches for his homeless friend Alex, who has a troubled mind yet possesses extraordinary insight. Fischetti is a hip-hop musician who plays at Elephant Talk independent events named “Fischetti Barz.” He was named the Year’s top hip-hop artist in 2021.

Erik will always be remembered in the hearts of his loved ones. Prayers for him; Rest in Peace, Fischetti Erik.

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