Erin Larine Phillips, an Organ Donor, Passed Away

Last Updated on August 31, 2023, 4:02 pm

Erin Larine Phillips’ family and friends mourned her loss after she was pronounced dead at the hospital and left this world behind.

Erin Larine Phillips Died
Erin Larine Phillips (source: Uptospeed Journalism News)

Erin was declared dead and later passed away yesterday at 9:25 a.m. She donated her organs to people who needed them before her death, saving lives.

Her death was confirmed by her mother, Teresa Garza-Hopp, an OB registered nurse at Mercy Hospital Ada.

She was survived by her parents, kids Grayson (11), Riley (6), and Sweet Baby Addy (3 months), as well as other cherished family members.

“Talk about a best friend, wrote Teresa Garza-Hopp on her Facebook page, expressing how devastated her family has been since she passed away. Before Erin was born, Purple Baby had been there for us, supporting her through good times and bad. She kept him even though he had been misplaced at Disneyland, left at a hotel (at least twice), repeatedly torn up by dogs, patched, and restuffed.

After six hard days, Erin Larine Phillips passed away, according to Teresa. She passed away at 9:25 in the morning, according to official records.

She also mentioned that Erin was an organ donor and that six individuals would receive her donated organs.


“Y’all the passing of a school mate has humbled me as if I’m not humble everyday today I just want to say, we should always be kind to one another we never know what they are going through some of the sweetest smiles hold the most pain. Life is so short & we just never know when our time is. I pray for the family and friends. For my classmates I knew her in school ofc life happened but it’s so sad. Please guys we have to help take care of one another while our days are limited on this earth. I love all my family, friends, & fellow classmates. Y’all take care of yourself mentally and physically. Rip SWEET GIRL Erin Larine,” a tribute post shared on Facebook read.


The family will shortly provide information on the funeral and customs surrounding death.

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