Estelle Mouzin Missing; Conversation about Father Eric Mouzin and Mother Suzanne Mouzin Divorce

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Recently, the internet has been sparking the conversation about Eric Mouzin and Suzanne Mouzin, the devastating parents of the missing young girl Estelle Mouzin, who disappeared on her way back to school and never returned home.

Estelle Mouzin Missing
Estelle Mouzin (Image via Facebook)

Estelle Mouzin was a French little woman who went missing on January 9, 2003, at the age of 9, in Guermantes, a beautiful town in the Seine-et-Marne department of France. The disappearance was then followed by an extensive search by law enforcement authorities, and the case remained unsolved for many years, even after the comprehensive examination of her.

In 2019, the DNA evidence resulted in law enforcement authorities investigating the young girl to identify the suspect, Michel Fourniret, who was considered a French killer with charges of multiple murder convictions.

Estella Mouzin parents

Estella Mouzin’s parents are Eric Mouzin and Suzanne Mouzin, who had tried their best in collaboration with the authorities for the campaign of their beloved daughter missing, seeking justice for their daughter. There has been a rumor circulating that Eric Mouzin and Suzanne Mouzin had ended their relationship and parted ways; however, it is not true and was dismissed as the rumor.

The rumor arose at the time of Estelle’s disappearance when Suzanne was getting a divorce from Eric Mouzin.Since then, there have been no details or any related information available, which left people thinking that the parents are no longer together and have been divorced. However, the truth is they are not divorced.

Estella mouzin and parents

Eric Mouzin and Suzanne Mouzin gave birth to Estelle Mouzin in 1994 in France, and the couple was affectionately involved in the upbringing of their girl. The family had met the tragic turn of their lives and came into the prominence of the media when their young girl disappeared, and the news was highlighted to the media platforms on January 9, 2023.

How did Estelle mouzin go missing?

Estelle was a young 9-year-old girl who was heading back home after school and was not returned home, and since then, she has been missing. Her mothers then took immediate action to know her whereabouts. She called her friends and acquaintances, and on the same evening, she informed the police about her daughter’s disappearance.

How the case unfolded?

The case remained a mystery and did not conclude, nor did the authorities find the girl, even after an extensive search for the girl. From 2003 to 2019, there was a tireless struggle to discover Estelle Mouzin.

In 2019, a French man, Michel Fourniret, confessed that he kidnapped a 9-year-old girl and raped and killed her. Fourniret’s ex-wife Monique was also known for her involvement in evil crimes and also went to trial for the kidnapping and murder of three women and girls.

The case is still actively under process. Monique Olivier recently apologized to Estelle Mouzin’s family and said she should have saved the young girl. She further said and admitted that her husband, Michel Fourniret, who had confessed to the killing of Joanna in 2018 and passed away in 2021, was the person who had kidnapped Estelle Mouzin in 2003.

She further unfolded the case by saying she had seen the little child in the house of Fourniret sister. She looked after Estelle Mouzin when Fourniret used to go out for his work at a nearby school. Estelle used to ask her if she wanted to go to her mother, and Monique told her that she would soon see her mother, and then she took her to the toilet.


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