Fallon Nodecker Death: a 25-year-old Mohawk Valley Community College student died unexpectedly

Last Updated on November 10, 2023, 7:20 am

Utica, New York, community is mourning the loss of a young woman, Fallon Nodecker, who died from an apparent drug overdose.

Fallon Nodecker Dead
Fallon Nodecker (Image via Facebook)

Fallon Nodecker, a 25-year-old Mohawk Valley Community College student, died unexpectedly. According to the reports, she died of an apparent drug overdose. Her tragic, untimely death has left family and friends aggrieved and the community reeling with shock and sadness.

What happened to Fallon Nodecker?

According to reports, she died of a drug overdose. Her death was confirmed, and several of her family members took to social media to express their grief over her sudden, unexpected death. Her devastated family members wrote on social media,

“My heart is crushed right now!! Life will never be same without you Fallon. It feels like a bad dream that I want to wake up from. You were only 25 and I won’t understand why God took you so young. Dad keeps thinking about when you were born and he held you in his arms for the first time. Watching you take your first steps and then grow into a beautiful woman.”

Who was Fallon Nodecker?

Fallon Nodecker was a promising young woman who lived in Utica, New York. She was a dedicated student at Mohawk Valley Community College. She was a loving daughter, a sister, a cousin and a dear friend. She worked at One Genny Bar and Grills as a bartender.

She was a bright ray of sunshine who offered tremendous warmth and radiated limitless positivity. She loved her family and friends. Fallon had so much love to give and was known for her kindness. She was the life of every room she was in. Everyone loved her.

Fallon always helped others and treated everyone with respect. She was funny and won everyone’s hearts with her wittiness and beautiful infectious smile. She loved to bake and shared her favourite recipes with her loved ones. Sadly, her life was cut short by her tragic, untimely demise.

Drug prevention Awareness

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