Henry’s Tragic Journey: Last Hug From a Mother Before His Son Died

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This article is all about the terrible experience of a mother who lost her teenage.

Henry Dead
The author and her son Henry in 2022. Elizabeth Kopple (Image via huffpost.com)

Child after hugging him last time. It begins in the summer of 2022 when her husband Chuck and

Elizabeth send Henry to college. According to her son, his age was 18. She had two sons, and the elder was Henry.

She introduced her son as a normal extrovert teenager who overcame many challenges to get there: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and difficulty connecting with other kids. As he matured, he gained confidence by participating in cross-country running, drama, and debate.

According to her, when he passed high school and joined college, he left behind school friends and made new friends there. He was excited to join his college life, and he joined that college on a merit scholarship basis.

The Day she met him last time:

She joined her campus for Henry’s orientation day, where Henry introduced his new classmates to her. They had a meal together and settled him in his room.

Here, Elizabeth describes the whole feeling when she last met with her son.

‘’On Friday, when it was time for me to leave, I placed my hands around Henry’s middle, pressed my right cheek to his chest, closed my eyes, and squeezed. At that moment, I was embracing every version of my son: chunky baby, curious toddler, zany seventh grader in braces, hungry teenager, and all the rest I knew and had known. After one final hug — Henry’s signature move — I left for the airport.

Night of Mourning:

On Monday night, when she goes to sleep, the middle of her chest starts to ache, the way it does when something terrible happens. At midnight, her house door is knocked, and both husband and wife are curious. Chuck opened the door and saw the police were coming to tell them their beloved son was dead.

As we discussed, she was feeling that something terrible might be happening, but it had happened already.

We can’t understand the pain and mental condition of both parents, who suffered from a terrible situation. Elizabeth’s mind believed that her son, who dropped him off at college and helped him settle into his room, was dead.

After that tragic time, Elizabeth tried to overcome that day, but she always remembered when a happy family event came, and she realized that her elder son was more with him to celebrate.

Cause of Henry’s Death:

According to the police statement, On the first day of classes, Henry had gone out with other students after dinner earlier that evening. He was killed, and two other students were hurt when an unstable building nearby collapsed.

Henry’s mother didn’t mention her son’s funeral day detail.

Motive Of Story:

In the end, Elizabeth shares her whole struggling story, how every single day she tries to overcome that tragic day and try to focus on her son and husband, who need her support, care, and love. Her story tells us that sorrowful situations come in life. It’s all upon us how to deal with and live with them.

Elizabeth Kopple, a strong and independent woman with B2B marketing skills, shares the sad story. We all support and pray with Henry and his family. May GOD open the doors of Heaven for him.

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