Tragic Loss: Skydiver Izzy Bucsko’s Accident in Eloy, Arizona

Last Updated on October 18, 2023, 9:40 am

Izzy Bucsko, a cowgirl and well-known skydiver from Eloy, Arizona, tragically died in a skydiving accident on October 17, 2023. Details about the skydiving accident are still unknown.

Izzy Bucsko Dead
Izzy Bucsko (Image via Facebook)

The incident reportedly occurred during a routine leap gone wrong. The local authorities are currently investigating the circumstances behind the collision. Izzy loved outdoor activities and adventurous sports, skydiving being one of her favourites. Her absence will be deeply missed since she actively participated in the skydiving community.

Danette Bucsko released her death news through a Facebook post and wrote in a statement:

It is with a devasted heart and a loss of part of me that John and I want to let everyone know that our beautiful Izzy left us yesterday. We are devastated and feel we have lost a piece of ourselves. Whether she was skydiving, barrel racing, surfing, or skiing, she had an intense zest for life.

She died in an Arizona skydiving accident while doing what she loved. She gave the nicest hugs and affection. As many of you know, she always tilts her head with a broad smile and a peace sign. I love the photo from WYAM Australia, where she proclaimed that Jesus loves her!”

Danette also wrote in his post, “Her skydiving family is a blessing to us; they have handled everything. She just told us about her wonderful network of friends who were always there for her. Give your loved ones hugs. We are appreciative that my nephew’s wedding brought us all together. I attached a video of her dancing with Joey. We will celebrate life, but we haven’t decided on a date yet.”

Izzy was a bright spirit who loved life to the fullest, whether skydiving, barrel racing, riding waves, or hitting the slopes. She was well-known for her lively demeanor, loving hugs, and signature position, which included frequently bending her head in a peaceful gesture and grinning broadly and infectiously, which won over many.

Izzy was well-known for her adventurous spirit and love of the great outdoors. Her infectious smile, fearless attitude, and zest for life won her a lot of admiration in her hometown.

Jeff Provenzano once shared her skydiving video and appreciated Izzy’s enthusiasm and courage; he wrote in his post;

“The stoke with @izzy_bucsko is unreal. This season, she relocated to Eloy to pursue her goal of human flight. She makes me think of who I was when I first moved to Arizona. Like me, she works at the school and fits a few daily jumps after work. She’s killing it with just a few hundred hops if that! Izzy is not the end of it.”

Izzy was an admirable individual; her untimely death devastated her family, friends, and the skydiving community. Thoughts and Condolences to her family and close companions. Izzy’s legacy will always endure, and she will always be dearly missed. Prayers for her; Rest in Peace, Izzy Bucsko.


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