Janet Fierce Andrews, LGBTQIA+ Icon and Former Miss Gay USofA, Passed Away

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Janet Fierce Andrews, a drag performer and transwoman, passed away.

Janet Fierce Andrews Died
Janet Fierce Andrews (Image via Facebook)

Janet Fierce Andrews, a drag performer and transwoman, passed away on Saturday, September 16, 2023. She was an LGBTQIA+ community icon, widely praised for her performance and Beyonce and Janet Jackson’s impressions. LGBTQIA+ community mourns the loss of a star that shone bright for years

What happened to Janet Firce Andrews?

The details of her death have not been made public at the moment. According to the reports, she was suffering from an illness and undergoing treatment, leading to her coma. Sadly, she passed away from the disease.

Obituary and Funeral

Her loved ones shared the tragic news of Janet’s passing with the world on social media. Janet’s family will later provide the details of her funeral as they are healing from their immense loss. It is requested that all respect their mourning and allow them the time to recover from their grief with dignity and grace.

Who was Janet Fierce Andrews?

Janet was a native of San Antonio, Texas. She was born on July 21, 1980. She graduated from Business Career High School. She was a multi-talented individual. She was the first transwoman to win the Miss Gay USofA title 2018. She was also the Former Queen of Texas at Miss Gay USofA 2018. She was CEO of Fierce Candle Co.

It is a rare commodity for an individual to live up to one’s name. Janet Fierce was one of those individuals who lived every day of her life with the motto of making every moment count. She did everything fiercely. She performed fiercely, and she loved fiercely. She had been in a relationship with Janet Fierce-Fierce since March 21, 2001. Her vibrant performances, along with her charismatic persona, gained her widespread recognition and admiration. She forged her unique style with enthusiasm and spirit, making her stand out from traditional drag performers.

She was a performer and used her platform to advocate for LGBTQIA+ community rights and inclusivity in society. Despite the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ community members in everyday life, she was a brave performer.

She was a strong, independent individual with a bright smile in a world full of disdain towards her community. She was a bright ray of hope for her community and inspired many young artists who wanted to follow their dreams in drag performance.

She made her mark in history when she won the Miss Gay USofA title, becoming the first trans-woman ever to win the competition. The judges scored her in five rounds, including interview, talent, creative evening gown, on-stage questions, and final look, which she aced with no difficulty, solidifying her claim of social acceptance with her undeniable talent despite society’s discriminatory behavior towards her community. Impossible was just a word for her; fear and discouragement were not in her vocabulary. She dazzled everyone with her versatile talent and earned her place in the performing arts world.


Friends and fans of Janet Fierce Andrews have outpoured support for the loved ones, especially for her partner Janet Fierce-Fierce. They have offered condolences to the late performer’s friends and family and shared their fondest memories of Janet Fierce.

Roland Soto wrote on social media,

“I’m so glad that I got to know you before your time with us was up. I’m honestly in so much shock! You were a pillar in the community and a trans advocate like non other! Each time we saw each other, you showed me nothing but love and I truly adore you. Now you get to rest and not be in pain anymore! May your soul rest in heaven! I love you and will definitely miss you Janet-Fierce Andrews!”

Dallasmiggy wrote under Janet Firce Andrew’s post on Instagram,

“You taught me compassion, and I was a stranger. I will forever remember your kindness. The community has lost one of the greatest. Thank you is all I can say. Rest in full power Janet.”

KavinScott Strouf

“Oh no! I was honored to sit in the judges panel when she won Miss Gay USofA. She was a wonderful person and a wonderful soul. Another reminder of the sacredness of life. Fly high Janet!”

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