Jason Walenta, a Mississippi Native & St. Francis Catholic Church Parishioner Died Unexpectedly

Last Updated on October 19, 2023, 1:40 pm

Jason Walenta, a resident of Madison, Mississippi, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, October 19, 2023. The details of Jason Walenta’s death are unknown; the family has not released an official statement regarding his death cause.

Jason Walenta Dead
Jason Walenta (Image via Facebook)

Jason was a St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church’s parishioner. Many people were left with broken hearts upon hearing of his untimely passing. Jason was a kind individual with a pure soul; his loved ones cherished him.

He left the world by leaving his wife, Shanda Hemphill Walenta, and his three sons, Will, Sam, and Max, in tremendous grief and loss.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church – Madison, MS released his death news through a Facebook post, which stated that:

“May he rest in peace. We regret to inform you of the passing of Jason Walenta, a parishioner. Please offer prayers for his soul’s repose, and remember to pray for his wife Shanda, their sons Will, Sam, and Max, as well as their loved ones. With God’s grace, may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Plans are not yet finalized.”

Jason was a Mississippi native; his demise mourns the community in deep sorrow. Many people are sending their sincere condolences to Jason Walenta’s family since the news of his passing. They have also honored him in remarks that were just released.

One of Jason’s friends, Clay Ranager, shared a heartfelt statement on Facebook and wrote: “Jason Walenta was a huge part of my world! From the day we first met! His wife, amazing boys, sisters, parents, and family!.

He also stated I adore them all! Why someone like Jason would be taken away so soon is beyond me. He is still sorely needed in my life! I am grateful for our friendship.”

Jason was known for his unwavering devotion and commitment to serving his family and others; his family and community admired him. Jason will be dearly missed.

Thoughts and Condolences to his family, friends, and community in this challenging time; his funeral and memorial services have not been announced yet. Prayers for his last comforts. Rest in Peace, Jason Walenta.

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