Former Canadian Soldier Jess Larochelle, Died Unexpectedly

Last Updated on September 2, 2023, 9:59 am

Jess Larochelle, a former soldier who received the Star of Military Valour, Canada’s second-highest award for valor in battle, for his bravery in Afghanistan nearly 17 years ago passed away on August 31, 2023.

Jess Larochelle Died
Jess Larochelle (Image via Facebook)

Reports stated that he was discovered dead at his shop last night. The reason of death was not officially disclosed. After leaving the service, Larochelle’s health had deteriorated for a while.

Jess Larochelle was a true Canadian hero, and his passing deeply affected every other Canadian familiar with his tales of bravery.

Andrew Larochelle, the loving brother of Jess Larochelle, broke the heartbreaking news of his untimely death. He posted an emotional statement on his Facebook to share this tragic news:

“I must break the news of my brother Jess’s passing with deep sadness. Words are inadequate to express what a remarkable man he was.

Since we don’t truly know what happened, we are waiting for more details. Nothing could be done once he was discovered at his shop.”

Everyone in the neighborhood was shocked as soon as the news of his death spread. Thoughts and condolences to his family and community.

His demise is a significant loss for the nation, but his bold legacy will continue. Larochelle’s funeral and burial customs have not been disclosed publicly.

Who was Jess Larochelle?

Jess Larochelle was raised in a small England village where he was born. He was raised in different regions of Canada and Germany after being born to military parents.

Larochelle enlisted in the Canadian Forces and was assigned to the Royal Canadian Regiment’s 1st Battalion as a Private. The Victoria Cross represents the great sacrifices many people in Afghanistan made, including Jess in their list.

Real-life hero Larochelle was honored with the prestigious Military of Valor award. His heroic tales made him a very well-liked individual throughout the neighborhood. Larochelle developed into a person with an unwavering sense of responsibility who inspired many individuals throughout his life.

He went to Afghanistan and received the Star of Military Valor for his bravery in battle. Larochelle was seen to be the most likely candidate to receive the Canadian Victoria Cross as an upgrade.

His recruitment into the British Armed Forces began his life’s transforming path. He was one of the names with the most courage since he displayed incredible bravery in every task he engaged in.

Larochelle was held in high regard and honored for his bravery on the battlefield, making him the front-runner to receive the Canadian Victoria Cross—prayers for him. Rest in Peace, Larochelle.

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