DJ John Hershock Shot to Death After Leaving a Club in Philadelphia’s Chinatown

Last Updated on October 5, 2023, 5:07 pm

A DJ in Philadelphia was shot in the head after leaving a club in Chinatown.

Dj John Hershock Dead
DJ John Hershock (Image via Facebook/DJHershock)

John Hershock, a 38-year-old DJ, was rushed to hospital after being shot in the head in the early hours on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, in Philadelphia’s Chinatown.

What happened to John Hershock?

He was shot in the head by unknown individuals. The incident happened on the 1000 block of Appletree Street just after 3:00 a.m. According to the Police, the medics arrived at the scene and found John lying on the ground, bleeding from his head.

Two witnesses told the police that they were leaving the club on the 1000 block of Arch Street and were still on the same Street when they heard an exchange of argument followed by a gunshot as they approached Appletree Street. They found a man wounded.

Police said  another witness in one of the neighbouring properties on Appletree Street  heard the gunshot and witnessed about ten people run away.

The Victim was identified as John Hershock. He was transferred to Jefferson University Hospital in critical condition.

An investigation is underway. The detectives are collecting surveillance camera footage in the area to aid with the investigation. The cause of the crime is still unknown.

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The community has outpoured support for the family and sent heartfelt prayers for John and his family.

Jennifer Egan wrote,

“So.. I can only hope this reaches all of those who know Hershock

Prays needed. Yes, the RIP is not needed yet.

John still has work to do and people to help.

This man is not done here yet, even when he needs the most help.

Alyce Marie wrote,

“When my sister passed away, John Hershock reached out to volunteer his time and DJ for her benefit for free! At the time, he didn’t even really know me that well… but that didn’t matter to him at all. He told me that was his favourite part of his job. That is just the kind of person he was! The most kind, genuine soul you could ever meet! I’m sick to my stomach that this has happened to you! The entire NE is heartbroken right now. You have left such a mark on everyone’s life you’ve come across! We all love you!, I really hope you are at peace, John. See you soon at Hershey Os in the sky.”


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