Texas Tech University Student, Justin Turner; Died of Injuries Sustained in an Accident

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Justin Turner, A Texas Tech Sigma Chi member, passed away after severe brain injury.

Justin Turner Died
Justin Turner (Image via Facebook)

A Texas Tech University student, Justin Turner, was battling for his life after receiving life-threatening brain injuries in an accident on Saturday, September 23, 2023, in Lubbock, Texas. The Lubbock community prayed for his life and supported his parents in this difficult time.

He died on September 27, 2023, from injuries sustained in Accident. Justin’s father,  Jim Turner, released Justin’s death news through a Facebook post and wrote:

“We say him goodbye today. He became a whole organ donor on his initiative in 2017 when he took his driver’s test, Jan and I learned yesterday. Today, he comes into the kingdom as a hero. 

You have repeatedly reaffirmed to me that JT is aware of your love for him. Justin, I’ll see you again.”


Jim also stated in a post that for those interested, the live feed may be delayed for a short while because three different teams are flying in to extract JT’s organs.

The celebration of life will take place on October 9 at 10:00 in Hurst, Texas’s First United Methodist Church. Thoughts and Condolences to his family and community in this trying time.

What happened to Justin Turner?

Justin was with his friends on Saturday night. He was a pedestrian when he got hit by a car; the driver left him in critical condition. He received severe brain injuries, resulting in brain swelling and bleeding.

He was on life support. According to a post on social media, shared by his father, the medical team at the hospital has helped the family and friends understand the critical condition Justin Turner  was going through, and only a divine miracle can save him. The family has requested continued prayers for their only son.

After putting in much effort, Justin didn’t survive and died of injuries sustained in an accident. Justin’s organs have been donated to the people who need them; Shelli Dorman King wrote in a Facebook statement;

We are scheduled to meet with cremation services to finish the details, documents, etc. After that, take Justin’s belongings and leave for home.

The nurse we spoke to claimed they had been able to find recipients for organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, and kidneys (perhaps in two distinct people). Corneas, perhaps. Hundreds of others will benefit from his skin and bones.

To honor JT, Sigma Chi established a scholarship in Justin’s honor that would be awarded annually in the future. The recipient will be chosen by his parents, Jan and Jim. Through everything, that fraternity has been nothing short of the biggest blessing.

Who Was Justin Turner?

Justin Turner is the only son of Jim Turner and Jan Tucker Turner. Justin Turner, also known as ‘JT,’ was a Texas Tech fraternity Sigma Chi member. He was a dedicated student, a loving son, and a brother of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

The fraternity members are like a family to Justin Turner. He was a brother to the entire Sigma Chi. His dedication towards them is evident in how many of his brothers pray daily for his recovery.

More than sixty fraternity members have been at the hospital, supporting his parents in this crucial time and constantly praying for his recovery. The family was overwhelmed by their support and love for their son.

A GoFundMe page has been organized.

The Sigma Chi brothers have organized a GoFundMe page to help Justin’s parents. The target is set at 40,000 dollars. Over 500 people have donated to the cause, and more than 33,000 dollars have been raised, more donations are being made.

The funds will help the family cover the medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and other unforeseen expenses due to unfortunate events. The brotherhood made a heartfelt appeal to all to donate generously to help ease the family’s financial burden. It said,

“Dear Sigma Chi Brothers, Friends, and Supporters,

We are reaching out to you today with heavy hearts and a deep sense of urgency as we share the heartbreaking news of our beloved Sigma Chi brother, Justin Turner (JT), who is fighting for his life. JT has faced a life-threatening brain injury and is in critical condition.”


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