Justina Nkang, a University of Port Harcourt, Murdered by Her ‘yahoo Boy’ Boyfriend

Last Updated on October 26, 2023, 9:43 am

Otuene Justina Nkang, a final year student at the University of Port Harcourt, was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Collins, for a money ritual. She was a 300-level Biological Chemistry student at the University of Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria, reported missing four days ago. She has been found dead in Port Harcourt.

Justina Nkang Dead
Justina Nkang (Image via Facebook)

What happened to Otuene Justina Nkang?

Nkang, who was reportedly doing industrial training at a private hospital in Port Harcourt, was reported missing after leaving her workplace. Sources close to her claimed she left work to visit her boyfriend, Collins, in a highbrow area in Port Harcourt.

She was found murdered, with several of her body parts mutilated, by her suspected boyfriend. Reports show he kept her mutilated corpse in his apartment for three days. He was reported to the authorities by a local group as he attempted to discard her decomposing body in a refuse dump on Wednesday. He was caught and handed over to the police, a source stated.

The estate security apprehended and took him to his flat, where fresh human blood was discovered. The cause of the heart-wrenching murder has yet to be determined; however, according to the reports, Collins was supposedly involved in ritual practices and used his girlfriend as a sacrifice.

The River State Police Command Public Relations Officer, SP Grace Iringe Koko, refused to provide any information on the incident and said in a media WhatsApp platform that the Commissioner of Police, Policarp Emeka Nwaonyi, Would address the media on the matter.

Who are Yahoo Boys?

Yahoo Boys are online fraudsters based in Nigeria. Their nickname comes from the email service Yahoo, which became popular in Nigeria in the 2000s, and they are descendants of the infamous 419 scammers, who, first with letters and later in emails, promised to help strangers get rich for a nominal advance fee.

In August 2023, about 12 suspected Yahoo Boys were arrested in Port Harcourt, the River State capital. They were arrested for allegedly burying a newborn baby alive at the Andoni Waterfront area of Eagle Housing Estate for a money ritual. They were reported by locals on suspicion and caught by the Police.

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